Monday, 24 October 2011

When insomnia Strikes

Evening guys,

I know that this post may not fit into the Beauty title of my blog but I also want to consider my blog my space to occasionally write about what's going on with me. I suppose lack of sleep can and does impact on beauty and the look of health that we all want to attain, I have certainly noticed that my glow is disappearing and being replaced by a general look of being knackered.

Not to bore everyone with the ins and outs of it all I will just say this, I am on ALOT of medication at the moment for a chronic pain condition and I have been for 2 years. It seems that it has caught up with me like a big old kick up the backside and the way that it is showing its self amongst other signs is insomnia. Now I, like everyone have had that annoying night of clock watching and not being able to sleep and also nights of pain when of course you can't sleep but man this is a new experience for me.
Yes I still have the pain but I am just not sleeping at all. Fair enough in the last few years I have been going to bed earlier but I never lie in the dark 4 hours after the H2B has fell a sleep.
Tonight I have had enough so I have gotten up made a cup of herbal tea with honey and decided to spill a bit on here and who knows you may have some tips for me?

The past two weeks has may be been the worst. I lie in bed so tired that my eyes are dry and my mind is burnt out yet sleep never comes. I have been in a bath to soothe the pain, listened to relaxation tapes and even tried self hypnosis all with no joy. So what to do?
In the mornings I could pass as a extra in The walking dead and it takes me a good while to feel human only to repeat everything again. I seem to be loosing any joy in the small 'Sam' things too. I used to love looking at make up and bath websites and filling up my imaginary shopping carts or reading but... meh

I have a lot of beauty stuff that I want to and will blog about in the next few days and weeks I guess I am just putting a bit more of me in to this blog for now too.

Like I said any tips would be welcome or if you are going through this too and need someone to sound off to that is cool  as at least we will know that we are not alone.
Now I am going to finish this cup of tea and go and try again to sleep, Wish me luck.

Much Love
Sam x

Photo credited to ironically a sleep website

Friday, 14 October 2011


I was given the chance to review two of the new additions to Sisley's A/W collection recently.

To be honest I don't really see Sisley being review any where when I read beauty blogs and after                      testing the make up products I have no idea why.
They tick so many important boxes for make up lovers,

  1. The look really impressive and expensive
  2. The formulation is great, very long lasting
  3. They have statement pieces
  4. And they make you feel a million dollars
I was given the Phyto Lipshine in sheer burgundy.
You even get your own velvet pouch! Very posh

Now the colour looks really dark there but it is a sheer lipstick. The colour pay off is great and it is very moisturising. The bonus of this formulation is that you can wear a statement lip but slightly more in your comfort zone if you are not a normal wearer of bright shades. Also with it being sheer you don't get it collecting around dry skin on your lips if you have not managed to use a lip scrub before. Most strong shades need lip prep before you can even think of wearing them.
And do I really need to point out that it is the perfect A/W colour?
I am sure you would get a few compliments whipping this out at Christmas parties.

The next thing I tried was Phyto Khol In Dark Amethyst

A lovely shimmering purple with smooth glitter.

With this you can either use it as a normal eyeliner on your upper lids or try what I did.
I did a light smoky grey eye then used this purple to line my lower lash and water line taking it up to meet the outer corners of my eye shadow on the top lid.
There was just enough glitter to make it look special and the colour blended in perfectly. I can see this looking great on a plain lid and the lines being a bit thicker.
I don't have sensitive eyes so could use it on the water line no problem but I would say because of the glitter be careful if your eyes tend to water.
I also found because I have blue eyes the shade of this liner was perfect to make them pop a little more than usual.

I could not write a review of this liner without showing you a picture of the end of the pencil

    Sorry about the shadow!

    How pretty is that?? I am a true magpie for little details like this lol

    The Phyto Shine lipstick retails for £26.50 which is about what you would pay for a high end brand
    The Eyeliner is £30.50. Now as much as I love this eye liner I do think that it is rather expensive for what it is and compared to other high end brands.

    You can purchase the Sisley make up range from House of Fraser or online
    @House of Fraser

    Although products sent for review all opinions are as usual honest


Bobbi Brow Ltd Ed

Just to say that I am so blummin excited!!! I was watching the Bobbi Brown show on Qvc when this little beauty came up.
Bobbi Brown Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette - take a closer look The BB Black Ruby Sparkle eye pallet. Isn't she beautiful?

Now I had to use a stock photo here because delivery is not due until after 7th November. I cannot wait! Just before my birthday too!

I was so lucky to get my order in as no sooner did I add it to my basket it sold out!
Of course I will keep you all updated with swatches when it arrives. I am pretty sure this is going to be my go to for Christmas.

Has anyone got their mitts on this??

Priced £34 plus delivery charge on QVC Link!

It's also available at the moment on BB site Bobbi Brown Uk

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Have a grown up Halloween!!

I don't know if I am the only one but I hate Halloween so instead of getting a trick I am going to indulge in a treat...What about you??

Halloween Special – Offer on masks!

Offer duration:  24th – 31st October

Halloween masks special – For one week only get 15% off masks at blissworld

bliss steep clean pore purifying maskNEW bliss no zit sherlock breakout-busting rubberizing mask (pack of 6)bliss triple oxygen energizing mask

bliss steep clean pore purifying mask

Professional-strength mask for clearer skin

Why we love it
• exfoliates dulling dead skin cells for a clearer complexion
• decongests clogged pores to minimize breakouts
• brightens skin to prevent post-blemish hyperpigmentation
• regulates oil without drying

This pore plunging, clog clearing mask will transform skin into a scene of extremely clean when used weekly for 15 minutes. Intensive exfoliation, oil elimination, and deep pore purging are a perfect for all (but especially pimple prone) skin types.

3.4oz / 100ml
bliss steep clean pore purifying mask

bliss no zit sherlock breakout-busting rubberizing mask (pack of 6)

the same zit-zapping mask used in our spas
Boost your blemish-battling regimen with this straight-from-our-spa facial treatment, a weekly must for pimple-prone skin. The unique rubber texture is designed to envelop skin’s surface to absorb impurities and allow the mask’s key ingredients to be optimally absorbed by the skin. Plus, it’s packed with pore-de-clogging, oil-absorbing, super-soothing extracts and nourishing, detoxifying seaweed. So if you’re looking for a clean, clear, shine-free complexion—‘mask’, and you shall receive! Includes 6 individually wrapped mix-it-yourself masks, 6 spatulas and measuring scoop.
• With seaweed, tea tree, willow and menthol extracts
• Purges pores, absorbs impurities and calms skin
• Helps control oil, fade blemishes and prevent future breakouts
bliss no zit sherlock breakout-busting rubberizing mask (pack of 6)

bliss triple oxygen energizing mask

InStyle best beauty buy 2009, 2010 & 2011!!

A super quick fix for dull, tired and sallow, 'I'm sick of my skin' skin. Engineered to mimic the effects of our spa's famous Triple Oxygen Treatment Facial in seconds. This fabulous complexion brightening formula uses every 'tech' in the book to give you fresher, younger-looking skin.

• delivers oxygen to the skin with innovative Fluid02 technology
• brightens, lightens, and tightens the skin with the most active powerful form of Vitamin C available
• protects cells from free radical damage with powerful antioxidants

3.4oz / 100ml

bliss triple oxygen energizing mask

Choose yours @ Bliss world

Details provided on behalf of Bliss

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Stepping over to the dark side!

You know how there is always that one shop in the shopping center that catches your attention when ever you get within a few steps but you never go in? Well that was me with Lush. I used to wander past sticking my nose as close to the door as possible because the smell in there is incredible. For some reason I very rarely went in and when ever I did make it past the entrance I stuck to just the Bath Bombs.

That changed a few weeks ago. I did a post on it here. I was wandering past in my own little world when I went in to pick up shaving crème for H2B to take on a stag do. Whilst there I picked up the Lip Scrub and the Lush bug bit.
It's almost becoming a obsession, and for some reason every blog I read it brimming with posts raving about Lush. Well I couldn't take it any more and decided to bite the bullet however small... baby steps right?
So I bought a honey bath bomb which was amazing, and this

Scary looking eh?

I asked the S A for some help choosing skincare. I said that my skin was not sensitive  but oily so she advised this amongst others.
According to Lush  Dark Angels is the alternative to Angels on bare skin for peeps with oilier skins.
9 out of the 10 ingredients are natural which = Good for skin.

I have not taken a picture of this in use because to be honest it is quite messy. You take a little crumbled bit in your hands add a little water and turn into a paste.  I like this process and the mess though, it makes cleansing less humdrum.
It really deep cleanses and scrubs your skin, my skin is like a babies bum!
I rinse the stuff off then rub my skin with a cloth to get every scrap off.

For some reason to me this smells like liquorish. There is non in the cleanser but I think the Sandalwood oil and black sugar makes the scent. I don't normally like the smell but it actually makes you feel even cleaner.

It is £5.95 for 100g and I think this will last for ages. 
I am definitely going to keep this in the bathroom. Now if you excuse me I am going to get my Lush on in the online shop :-)

Bought with my own pennies, Glad I did
Get yours in store or here Lush!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

What a mess!

Hi everyone, I hope that you have all had a great weekend!

My week has been Ok. The H2B and I also went to see Lee Evans on Thursday and I am happy to report he was extremely funny and worth every second of pain it took me to sit through his very long gig... My God do you get your moneys worth out of him lol. He seemed a very nice bloke who happily signed every autograph and shook every hand that was thrust in his face. I am now a Lee Evans fan!
Now that was the positive out of the week but I do have a negative and it is beauty based.

As I have said before I have very greasy hair that is also very flat. So when I read so many great reviews about Batise XXL dry shampoo I thought that I would give it a try. I don't use dry shampoo very often as I wash my hair everyday, however I thought I would put this new addition to the test.

I sprayed a normal amount into my hair, rubbed it though and that was as far as I got. I could not even put my fingers through my hair. It became one big knotty mess. Yes it looked cleaner and yes the volume was there but my God the damage! I read on other blogs that you could feel the product in your hair but I did not expect what I had to go through when it came to washing the stuff out.
 I had to wash it then cover it in conditioner just to get the comb through then it took a further 2 washes and condition for it to go back to a normal state.
The next day my hair was like straw! Again came the wash, condition but then I had to do a deep hair mask and cover the ends with V05 oil. Now I am back to reality.

My verdict is that I would rather wash my hair then have to go through all that again. I am going to keep it for my fringe from now on. Beware if you have hair that is long and gets tangled I would not recommend you use this as it does more damage than good.

Major thumbs down

Image Chemist direct.

Friday, 7 October 2011

More Bobbi Brown

Morning Everyone!!  I hope that you are all well and looking forward to the weekend?

Anyway I wanted to do this post about two Bobbi Brown products because as we all know I am Bobbi Brown mad.
First off I am going to start with a cleanser. I was kindly sent this to review and I have thrown everything at it, water proof mascara, a full face of make up... you name it.

I use this cleanser to take my make up off or a night cleanse. As it is part of the Hydrating range it is a little too rich for me to use in the morning. On the bottle Bobbi recommends using it as a wash off cleanser, however I use it almost like a cleansing cream. I massage a small amount over a damp face then use a muslin cloth to sweep away what ever make up or dirt is on my skin. It does a great job and I have removed full eye make up including water proof mascara without having to drag my skin and rub too hard. This is full of Avocado butter so if you have dry skin it would be wonderful as your main cleanser. After I had used this I hardly felt the need to use a moisturiser so it must feel amazing on skins that are at the dryer end of the scale. The cleanser it self smells great, just what you would expect from Bobbi. I fully recommend this and I am happily going to reach for this as my night cleanser of choice especially as the weather is getting nippy and the heating is on and drying out my skin.

Next up is my favourite lipstick...
Creamy Lip colour in Nectar  no4

I bought this Lipstick in Fenwicks Newcastle. I knew that Bobbi was the queen of the Nude palette  So I asked them if they could choose some make up that I could wear on my wedding day. I posted about the eye shadows and the liner in a previous post but wanted to rave about Bobbi a bit more.
Although the format is a Creamy base this Lipstick is quite sheer and very build able.  I have always stayed away from peachy tones however this lipstick is gorgeous. Nude but not in a foundation lip sort of way and not matte which I also hate. The shade finishes of a make up look so well and actually makes me feel polished. As it is creamy it is also very moisturising but well lasting. All boxes ticked so far. The question was will I wear it on my wedding day? The answer, yes if I have any left...I may have to buy a back up. I know without a shadow of a doubt next time I have some spare cash put aside for a make up spree the BB counter is where I am heading!
Trust me when I say that if you are constantly on the look out for a perfect Nude, and reading so many blogs I know this is a favourite... head to Bobbi Brown she won't disappoint you and neither will her MUA .

Cleanser £19 for 125ml * Pr sample
Lipstick £18 ( worth every penny) Bought by me

Get yours @ Bobbi Brown Uk

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Was it worth the wait?

Hi everyone,

I know that the blogging world has been bombarded with reviews about Liz Earle's Skin tint over the past month or so. Personally I don't mind reading loads of reviews because they help me decide whether a product will suit me and is worth the money, the reviews of course need to be honest!
I was lucky enough to be sent the Skin tint in Bare 01. The other shades are Beige 02 and beach 03.
As a lot of other bloggers have found the Skin Tint seems to of created a whole new category for it's self. It's not a foundation or a tinted moisturiser it is just as it says a Sheer Skin Tint.
You get shade samples when you buy from Liz Earle web site

For quite a long time I have stuck to mineral foundations and still use them now. I had trouble finding a liquid foundation that I couldn't feel on the skin and to be honest I can feel Skin tint, I do not know if this is because I chose to test it out when we were having the Indian summer at the end of September ( What was that about?). However that is the only downside and one that I am happy to over look. The match is perfect, no tide marks eurgh! It leaves a amazing healthy glow on the skin that does not make you look sweaty like some can do. And most of all the coverage can be tailored to what you are looking for. I have stuck to one application because I want it to be what it is, Sheer.
It is a perfect base for that no make up look.

A description from Liz Earle

The perfect way to enhance your skin. Our rich and creamy, yet lightweight formula leaves all skin types looking naturally dewy, even and radiant. With mineral UV SPF15, it’s enriched with our own blend of natural source vitamin E, borage and avocado, specially selected to work in harmony with our skincare range.
Apply a little Sheer Skin Tint onto forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, then blend with fingertips over your face.

Overall It will stay in my make up bag and when it runs out I would purchase it for myself because lets face it you can't go wrong with Liz Earle. I am hoping that there is going to be more additions to the make up side now.

£ 21 for 40 ml

Link to Liz

Friday, 30 September 2011

Teenage dreams

In just under 2 months I will be 28, a grown some degree. Yet I still suffer from spots on my face, ones that no concealer invented can cover some times. Yes I did think that I would be past this stage by now but I am sure that the amount of pain killers ect I am on don't help and my skin is getting a little bit cheesed off at time.

When I was younger I was under the impression that to get rid of spots you needed to first strip your skin of any natural oils or moisture that showed themselves. Then I would rub on toner that stung so bad I thought I had used paint stripper and then the final step was spot gel but no moisturiser. Every thing I did was wrong and I now wonder why my spots were not worse, they deserved to be lol
When I feel the first throb and bump under my skin these days I go gentle with my skin care.
I cleanse with a cream cleanser, my favourite is a icon any way and needs no explaining I am sure.
Liz Earle Cleanse and polish cleans my skin properly whilst feeding my skin and keep the moisture levels up. Using the Muslin cloth gently gets rid of each dry layer as the spot breaks through and dry's up.
A gentle skin refresher follows just to get rid of any remaining cleanser.

I then use a tea tree Gel on the spot. Not only is it anti bacterial so stops the spot getting worse it also clears up the spot as it goes. I like Superdrug Tea tree range, it's purse friendly and it works but seems more gentle than some out there.
Once that dries I use Liz Earle's Skin repair moisturiser. I am normally the oily version but when I have bad skin I opt for Dry/ sensitive to be gentle.

The final step in my routine and the one that scares who ever sees me is my Sudecreme face mask. I just apply a layer of Sudecreme over the spotty area to protect the skin and it does clear spots up super fast! You do look like a horror film extra though so be warned lol

Hope you all find this helpful. Leave me a comment below if you have any recommendations

Sam x

sorry there is no photo of Cleanse and Polish but I have ran out !

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A ramble to get through the week

Hey everyone,

 As time passes and I read more blog ect a lot of things go through my mind, Oh I wish my writing was as good as hers, I wish I was as thin as she is and most of all that I wish I had the courage to do You Tube video's. The first and second of these are a work in progress so you will not be hearing my Geordie tones for a while (I heard your sigh of relief!)
I have always really stuck to reading blogs but the more I have read the more I realised that I loved watching the uploads too and also I can learn a hell of a lot through these.

As I build up the courage to not be so shy I thought I would jot down this post to let you guy's know what I have loving this month.

Sleek make up is right at the top of the list. Call me a make up snob if you will but  because I see make up as a treat I stuck to high end brands before. I did not know what I was missing out on just under my nose! Now in the three weeks that I have been in love with Sleek I have built up quite a collection, the number of pallets I have I will let you know later as the H2B may read this lol. Next on my hit list are their Lip Paints and lip sticks. I actually get excited about special releases and have a note book listing all the products I want...sad huh? I can't see myself saying no to Sleek any time soon. If you have not seen the brand pop into Superdrug and I bet you will be hooked, but don't blame me!

The second thing that I have been loving and kind of links in to me opening ramble is the blog
Vivianna does make up. I have read each of her posts from the start and then progressed on to her You tube.  A stalker I am not however Vivianna has a fantastic way of describing her favourite products and makes no apologies for the fact that she loves Foundations and Lip sticks especially Mac.
I have already learned quite a bit from watching her video's and listening to her advice.
And yes I will be heading to a Mac counter very soon lol

And finally this month I have been loving Newcastle upon Tyne, my home city. Living in Sheffield is great and having people take the mick out of my accent is kind of what I like best as it brings out my Geordie humour. However I have realised after almost 5 years of living in Sheffield that you can take the Geordie out of Newcastle but you can never take Newcastle out of the Geordie. We have so much to be proud of from our Iconic structures ie The Tyne bridge to the fact that Geordies have a fantastic, sometimes sarcastic sense of humour.
I have a feeling I am going to have to print a Geordie hand book for our wedding so all the Yorkshire folk can understand what my family are saying lol

Anyway I hope that you have found this ramble a good read and that you will pop over to Vivianna's blog.


pic credited to

Friday, 16 September 2011

A calorie free Sugar rush!

This month I seem to have had mini spree's here and there which is great but the unusual thing for me is I have been finding great stuff on the high street rather than throwing caution to the wind and saying bugger it and going for the higher end stuff. I have managed to get loads of stuff for the price of maybe 2 top end eye shadows and this has left my cosmetic craving sorted and my bank balance happy!
I have got loads of stuff to blog about, including a fantastic foundation that is better than the Holy Grail I was on about a few posts ago. 
Today's focus however is going to be on Lush. I have been a pretty slow burner here, yes I love walking past the shops and getting a wiff but I very rarely buy anything. This changed last month when I went in looking for a gift for H2B to take away on a stag weekend ( Yes, I am kind right!) so Shaving pot picked up I made my way to the till when I spotted these,
They are very naughty putting these little gems right next to the till!

I quickly and impulsively gave the girl the Bubble Gum one to add to my bag.
As you would expect the girl went on about how great they were, her lips had never been softer ect.
 I thought yeah right!
Yeah right!
I was addicted as soon as I rubbed the sugar scrub on my lips. Gently buffing it on it felt oddly satisfying and then came the urge to lick my lips lol
It is now a firm habit twice a day the pot gets opened and I get my sugar rush.
Next time I passed lush I rushed in and bought the Mint Julip version, although not my favourite I have this in my bag just in case. Now after showing these off and urging people to have a go I think my local store is going to run out of these at Christmas because everyone wants them. I also need to replace the Bubble Gum one as I made the mistake of letting my 6 year old cousin near it and she took a massive dollop out just to eat it , ooppss

@ £4.95 a tub they are slightly expensive but boy are they worth it for the naughty pleasure of licking your lips afterwards :-)

Let me know what you think!


Thursday, 15 September 2011

My take on this months Glossy Box

First of all oopps and sorry for the time that's past since I last posted. As everyone knows life and lack of ability to put words together some times get in the way.
Any how back to business! For a few months I have been reading post up on post showing off Glossy boxes. I finally placed my order just after the August box came out, so I have had to wait a whole month for the posty to drop off my very own. After a month of waiting was it worth it? In short... a big fat NO!
I am so disappointed in the contents of the box. After seeing NARS and various other bit's and bob's in boxes of past I was expecting so much more, but this is what I received

I got a bit excited when I saw the black compact and it turns out it will probably be the only thing that I will use often in the whole box but still not that exciting...
Boring bit...The contents

Dead Sea Spa Magik , Salt brush/ scrub x2
Green people Fruitful nights night cream
Hd Brows, the little black compact
Neal and Wolf Glow super shine spray for hair
and finally a trial of Plum by Mary Greenwell perfume

The scrubs will end up in my going away bag just to use them up.
The nightcream will get used as will the perfume as it isn't really that bad. I will give the gloss spray away as I have super oily hair and although the HD compact is for brows there are some good liner shades in there.

Over all I do not think that this box was worth the £12 something I paid for it and certainly not worth the months worth of  excitement in waiting for it.

Did you get the same as me or something else? Am I wrong?
Let me know in the comments below.

If after use my opinions differ I will of course blog again lol

Monday, 22 August 2011

Holy Grail foundation, I'm not switching!!

For years I have been searching for a foundation that I don't want to part with.  The thing that I find most important is the colour match, I don't want to look like an Orange but yet I am pale enough without going for that Casper look.
When I first started to wear make up I had to skip foundation because no company had a shade pale enough for my skin and I wasn't in to the tide mark look. Luckily times and shades have moved on.
I still have to go to the higher end of the market though to find my HG foundation. A few posts ago I wrote about my love for Bare mineral foundation and this still stands but sometimes I want to wear a liquid  for the moisturising and luminescent veil of colour you get.

Well I have found it! Yes it is expensive BUT it's the perfect match, you can create the coverage you need and it's just so luxurious.
£33 at House of Fraser

The shade is Soft Ivory

The foundation is available in 9 shades and I think for the first time I was not the palest shade that they do. The Make up Artist recommended this and she could not of done better.
The foundation has light defusing properties that have been added to almost air brush your skin.
I take this round my eyes as a brightener and base.
It feels light as a feather and lasts all day with out slippage or shine.

This was my first Laura Mercier purchase but it won't be my last. I am building a wedding make up box and this is going in it. I am never going to be without this! 

If you are looking for

Buildable coverage
A light feel on the skin
staying power and a luminous finish

I would recommend this without a second thought. Yes it's at the higher end but you need so little it will last ages. Amazing!!!

Laura Mercier available at

House of Fraser
Space NK

The Laura site is a US site and this is why I have not linked it
Silk Crème foundation was purchased by myself  

Friday, 19 August 2011

Bobbi Brown Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that you have some great plans for the weekend, if you are working and I have just put my foot in it I think you deserve to treat yourself when your shift is over!

Not too long ago I blogged about my new found love for Bobbi Brown and today I am just going to keep heaping it on ya.
After not wearing make up for a bit, this morning I decided to add a bit of colour to my face. Now as I was staying at home I didn't want to go all out but just wanted a nice fresh look that hopefully H2B would notice when he gets home from work.
As I wanted to go understated yet fresh I knew that Bobbi was where to go, and this is what I came up with.

It's so difficult taking photo's of yourself but what can I do? lol

Now I kinda like this look the only thing I think I got wrong was putting a finishing powder over the top because as you can see mega shine on the forehead.
My base was a new Liz Earle product but I am going to post about that at another time.
The rest of the look was made up of 4 Bobbi Brown products.
I love a product that can multi task and I have found it in my most lusted after shimmer brick. I have Pink Quartz. I used a Long wear cream shadow in Sand Dollar as my eye base and then I layered up using the shimmer brick. It is made up of shades of pink and bronze which when swept over the lid gave a lovely yet subtle bronzed sheen, perfect for a natural look.

Then came the blush. Another product that people go crazy for is Pot Rouge and i have the pale pink.
I added this on to the apples of my cheeks for a nice flush and I could not resist doubling up on this too and used this on my lips. You can dab it on to create a almost matte finish or use it over balm for a slightly glossier touch.
Finished of with 1 coat of  Extreme Party mascara in Black and I was done.

I was happy with this for a easy day look and this of course has only deepened my love for
Bobbi Brown.

Products used

The shimmer brick in Pink Quartz  £30.50 purchased myself
The Pot rouge In Pale pink £17  press sample
Long Wear cream shadow in Sand Dollar  £16.50  Press sample
Mascara , part of a set when I bought a metallic shadow and gel liner
full size is available for £18

Bobbi's Uk web site

Thursday, 11 August 2011

A bit of a get to know me

I saw this little 'Get to know me' thingymebob online and thought that I would Give it 5 minutes of my time.

Things you cannot leave the house without?

Painkillers, Phone and hand cream

Favorite Brand of makeup?

Bobbi Brown for Eye make up and lip sticks and Laura Mercier for foundation ( pricey I know but so worth it! )

Favourite Flower?

Sweet Pea's and cream or red roses

Favourite clothing store?

I don't have a favourite store at the moment but normally find what I need in Next or Tesco

Favorite Perfume?

I have so many, infact too many to list. To name a few, Stella Sheer, CK Euphoria and Alien

Heels or flats?

I wish I could wear heels but can only walk with any dignity in flats 

Favourite colours?

Dark Red and Cerise 

Do you drink energy drinks?

No although I do have a really bad addiction to Coca Cola

Do you drink juice?

I like Apple but use dilute in water as hate the taste of plain water
Do you like swimming?

I like swimming but not been in so long. I am a better swimmer on my back than front

Do you eat fries with a fork?

Depends what meal include them
Favourite moisturiser?

Hmmmmm can't really pin just one down for either face or body

Do you want to get married later on in life?

Yes, Date booked for next year 

Do you get mad easily?

I get mad but tend to keep it all deep inside and then get angry at myself, wish I could be more out spoken

Do you bite your nails?

No, but have a bad habit of biting the skin round the sides

Have you ever had a near death experience?

No, Thank goodness

Do you drink coffee?

I like coffee but don't really go for hot drinks

If you fancy filling this in just copy and paste or if you want to add more questions just leave a comment.

Glad you know me a bit better

Sam x

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A supermarket sweep

When doing our food shopping My H2B steers me away from the body wash and cosmetic's aisle like there has been a chemical spill! He knows once I get past the opening shelves I am a lost cause for quite a while, you see even if it's just boring old body washes I will still peruse each bottle and come away with a few.
Well the last time we hit Asda I managed to escape lol Reading some of the beauty bloggs in cyber space I had heard mixed reviews on Asda's own make up range attached to the clothes line George.

I only picked up the lip gloss this time because 1, It was only £2 and 2, If you are unsure about a brand start at the basics.

I went safe and chose the shade 'Idol' It looks like a gloss with quite a lot of pigment but actually it goes on quite clear with a very very slight tint. I didn't include a swatch because you can't actually see anything.
It feels more like a balm than a gloss which I guess is good as there is non of the stickiness.
£2 is a fair price for this gloss but then again I wouldn't pay any more. At a pinch it's worth a place in your bag even if it's a last resort lip balm.

Sam x

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A bit of a change

I have never thought of myself as some one who had a interest in fashion, bags or any thing but cosmetics so when I have been searching for some new blog reading material I have always skipped past any blog that was not cosmetic specific. I now know this to be a big mistake now whether it is a mistake for the better or may be not so much this is to be seen and I will find out in the months to come.

Now as for me and fashion I have always stuck to my old favourites and the only thing that I have really got away from is wearing constant black. Always sticking firmly to my 'I am a cosmetic girl' mantra has given me the excuse to muddle on in my comfy ways. Not now, not since finding this blog
 Buy now blog later. The writer is Laura and her blog has become a addiction and one that I have already given in to.
A few posts back she was showing off her latest acquired bag and for the first time I thought ' I have to have this' and have it I did. Luckily for me the Focco bag that I fell in love with was from Ebay and not a Berkin bag or another outrageously priced trend.

I never go for bags that just go over the crook of your arm but I guess I am changing my whole view on things and changing my style too.

It's a lovely Tote bag that holds more than I could carry and the good news is that it comes in 2 other colours. I have my sights firmly set on the grey one.
It cost me a total of £33.98 and i think it's worth every penny.
All I need to do now is start filling my wardrobe with outfits to carry it off with lol

If you have fallen in love with this bag like I did you can find the link below.

I know that I have been slack lately in my blogging but I promise I have got loads of things to share with you over the coming weeks, hopefully including some new clothes. So please stick with me your support means the world!!

Sam x

Focco bag link

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Amazing Candles for a little piece of Heaven

Hi everyone!

View from Kitchen window
This is such a strange post for me to be writing. At the moment I am sat on the floor in the grounds of a really remote Cottage in Whitby. We have all come along for my Sister in-laws birthday, I won't tell you her age because I actually want her to like me and still be my Maid Of Honour at the wedding lol Anyway the cottage is a renovated barn with no telephone or Signal for anything else, so at the moment I am almost in the woods quickly typing this before A. My back goes crazy and B. It starts pouring down lol

The cottage is actually a nice back drop for what I am risking my life to blog about(a little dramatic but hey lol )
I got sent some Yankee Candles to try a while back but me being me I just sniff them and never light them so I brought them with me to the cottage.
We have a amazing wood burning fire in one of the sitting rooms that actually does the candles justice!
Although they are both Fruity smelling they make the big room feel homely and warm. The sweet Strawberry gives off a lovely light scent that freshens up any room, unlike most other Strawberry scented products these actually smell of ripe English Summer Strawberries. It was the large candle and even after hours of burning per day it is not even half way down....I think it may take me a year to get through it.
The other 'Flavour' Strawberry Butter cream, yes you guessed it Strawberries with cream and sugar ! This candle although fruity has real depth and warms up the Strawberry smell.
What I love about Yankee candles is you don't just have to have the same smell you can mix them and almost create a perfume that is significant to your home, or in this case rented cottage.

I will of course upload a photo of these fab candles in front of our fire when we get home but at the moment, tapping this out on my H2B's IPAD I have not a clue how to do it. That's a big Duh for me!

I will have to bid you good day( he he) as there are rain clouds over yonder!

Will write another post when I get home

Sam xx

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Pay it forward

A couple of days ago I posted a review about Decleor's Neroli oil. Have any of you looked in to their oils yet? Or indeed did it change your minds about using oils on your face? I hope so!
Anyway today I am switching my focus to a moisturising cream, yet it's still not a boring, normal one.

Decleor Excellence  Regenerating cream.
This moisturiser is for mature skins so I passed it on to someone who fits the bill better than myself.
When I asked for her opinion this is what she said; "The first thing that you notice about this cream is the smell, it's gorgeous and to me that is always a sign that I am going to give it a fair try, shallow I know but still true."
"I have my trusted day cream that I have used for years that is a well know chemist brand and I didn't really want to switch from it as I know it's suits me. Sam advised I used this as a night cream. I gave it a go and I am glad that I did. A little bit of luxury is always welcome before you go to bed as I find it makes you feel a bit special, almost like you are pushing the boat out a bit."
"This cream goes on well and sinks in brilliantly especially around the parts that are looking a bit tired now. I never saw the point of using a night cream when a day cream would do the job but after using this, I won't be going back as I can see the improvement."
"It's great that my skin is less dry now and although not wrinkle free it is a bit more plumped up with less really fine lines. It is the over all tone of my skin that has impressed me and converted me to this cream and I won't be changing!"

Now the lady in question does not want me to print her name in the fear that people who know her will be scrutinising her face!

You are never too old to fall in love with lotions and potions!

The science bit!
Cocktail of 4 Essential Oils (Iris Concrete, Frankincense, Immortelle and Camomile), Wrinkle Action and Firming Patch, Aurone Extract (“Lipofilling” Effect Technology)

Get yours, whether it's for you or as a treat for some one else @
£92 for a prestigious 50 ml glass jar 

Sam x  

Monday, 4 July 2011

Relax while getting the best out of your skin

Hi everyone!

Oh my word I have had such writers block recently! I have loads of great stuff to blog about but the words just don't seem to be coming out of my finger tips.
I thought that I would try to lift that block today by reviewing one of my favourite things in skincare, Facial oil! In my opinion the leaders in this field has to be Decleor. I think that it is a great sign of a brands quality when they are not only used in Spa's but actually have Salon's of their own.
My interest in Decleor was already strong when I was offered the chance to try out some of their most iconic products, these reviews will run throughout the week and I hope that you enjoy reading them and they give you that nudge to invest in some for yourself.

The first product that I am going to review today is

Aromessence  Neroli:

Decleor call this a serum but in comes out of the bottle and goes on the skin just like a oil. They have a total of an amazing 15 oils for all types of skin concerns in the Aromessence range, and the Neroil is for all skin types so if you have quite normal skin with no real issues or are looking for a oil to go under your target skincare this would be for you!
I have been using it in the day under my moisturiser most of the time but I do find it creeping in at night too.  I find using this oil is addictive! it sinks in without a bother and it almost feels like it is feeding your skin. You almost wish that it would sit on your skin for longer so you could spend more time massaging it in because that part is the best start and wake up call to the day!

As you can imagine from a company that uses essential, non synthetic oils the smell of this is...well heavenly! You can't help but hold your face in your hands and take massive breaths in.
I know with it being a oil a lot of people will be a bit unsure of using it but there is nothing to worry about, you are putting the best in to your skin and as cheesy as it sounds the investment in your skin is worth it!
My make up sits better and the actual tone of my skin has been lifted. No matter what your skin concern is even if it is spots( of which I have many especially at the moment ) a Decleor oil is worth having in your skin care family.

The ingredient bit,

Neroil ,Sandlewood, Petitgrain, Sage and Parsley and also Juniper essential oils

As you can see no nasty chemicals here...fab!

To add one or even two of these to your skincare go to

Neroli oil £43 for 15ml ( This is going to last for ages! )

Sam x

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Hi everyone, long time no blog. I have been a naughty girl and not kept up with you all ! I consider my self told off!
The good thing is that this post is so very exciting!
Beautiful You Uk and I am sure all Bare Mineral fans want to say a MASSIVE Happy Birthday  to

                                          Bare Escentuals!!

The nations favourite Mineral make up brand have reached the fabulous age of 35 this month.
This is so exciting as Bare Escentuals changed the way we thought about our foundation first of all.
A mineral powder that was not powdery, orange or that caked where our skin was suffering. Wow!
Being a convert myself it was amazing to not worry about that tide mark at the jaw line that seemed the fashion when I was at school but something I never wanted. And to be honest the longer the make up is on the better it looks lol

A innovative company such as BE was not going to stop there of course, we then got Mineral Veil and a whole host of new goodies ranging from blushes to eye shades and of course the legendary Buxom lip glosses!
Recently BE have launched skincare of Which I did a review but the excitement keeps coming so keep your eye's peeled for more posts soon.

Lastly, again BYU wishes BE a very Happy Birthday and many more to come!!

You can shop for yours at
Sam x

image credited to

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Bobbi Brown beach collection take 2

On Tuesday I posted a review on Bobbi Brown body wash from her Beach collection, safe to say I loved it and have unfortunately realised so does H2B lol.
Well no one will be getting their hands on the complimenting body lotion. As much as I loved the body wash I love the lotion 10 times more!
Look at the classy bottle!! Love it!

My last post was all about bringing the holiday's to us as we as a country are not taking our normal summer jollies. Well this lotion certainly follows that brief.

I found it to be the perfect lotion. Not sticky what so ever, so in hot weather( fingers crossed ) you won't feel even more clammy. Sinks in at almost lightning speed, major thumbs up.
It has all the moisturising property's that you need including Aloe Vera and jojoba. The other great thing and staying on the beach front ( haha ) it has Green Tea and Vitamin E and all these things together makes a lotion that keeps your skin soft, keeps the peeling at bay if you have caught a few rays and prolongs your tan, that you got responsibly of course!

As not being that much of a sun worshipper which is odd as I was born in Oz, I will be using this as my daily moisturiser because I love the smell and it's sink in ability.
Right now I can certainly see Bobbi Brown skin care becoming as great as her make up! I must say that now I am a Bobbi Brown girl I won't be straying far!

Massive thumbs up!!

Get yours @ 
200ml for £21

Sam x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Testing Bobbi Brown Beach collection

According to reports us Brits are going on less summer holidays than in years passed, in fact more than 17 million of us are staying at home to save money. So we have to find ways to bring the holiday atmosphere to us! Hopefully we will get some sort of hot weather so we can pack in some lovely sunny weekends, eating outside and going for a nice walk some where new. I think for us girls though the holiday feeling goes further. When I pack to go away it's my cosmetic bag that I always pack first, to be honest it's the same for my wedding, I already know what I will be putting in my freshen up bag!
There are certain things that transport us back to sunnier climates, foods we have eaten, drinks that we have sipped or downed depending on your tastes lol To me I have scents and lotions, even make up that I pop on to transport me some where else, especially when I'm having a bad day.

Being a HUGE Bobbi Brown fan I was really excited to be given the chance to test out some of Bobbi's body care. Bobbi's skin and body care is possibly less talked about than her iconic make up so it was interesting to see how the skincare matched up.
For the summer of 2010 Bobbi released her Beach collection and some of these products have followed through to this summer. I tested the Beach shower gel and body lotion.
The packaging whilst quite plain is really classy and in true Bobbi Brown style.
I used the shower gel first, you only need the tiniest bit to get masses of lather and the smell just filled the bathroom and lasted forever. To me the smell is pure summer.It's nice that there is not a coconut smell to it as this is what companies normally base their summer products around, instead you can smell the sea, it's a bit tropical and floral at the same time. I think if you are lucky enough to go on holiday this year this shower gel will make it in to your summer memories.
It makes sense that it smells like the sea as one of the ingredients is sea kelp. The gel is fantastic for the hot weather as it's moisturising as you wash and it comes in a handy tube so there is no waste.

All in all this shower gel fits summer perfectly. Does everything a high end shower gel should do and brings Bobbi Brown luxury to the shower. Big thumbs up from me!
Now where can I hide it away from H2B?

£20 for 200ml
Exclusive to Selfridge's and online

Tomorrow... Can the lotion live up to the shower gel?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

A quick mind emptying post

The time has come up on me. I started my wedding diet at the beginning of the year but since fell off the wagon with a massive bang! I have to start again and the day will be Monday. Yes I know it's a cliché to start on a Monday but my favourite farmers market is this Saturday and it would make me super sad if I could not go one last time to check out the cup cakes we have chosen for the wedding...after all it makes sense to see if they are consistently great doesn't it? That is my excuse and I am sticking to it!
 I can't resist these little beauties!

Plus I might be in luck and H2B may take me to my favourite place and our wedding venue ran by our great friends The Gabbitas's , The Wortley Arms. I swear if I am armed with enough pain killers I can sit there all day. The food is excellent and the staff feel and are friends, what more can you ask for? I can't wait till the wedding as The Arms will hold even more memories for us!

I will have to turn to some thing other than food from next week and I know just what it is. Make up!!
Yes I am going to reward myself with Bobbi Brown and Mally make up lol hopefully this will keep me going.

Keep popping in to read the review on a diet helping hand.

If you fancy having a nosey at The Wortley Arms here is the web site

Sam xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bare Minerals Skin care

Having tried the Bare Minerals foundations and Mineral veil kit and loving it, I thought that I would branch out and try the new skin care line.
After watching so many demo's on my favourite channel QVC I hit the red button and ordered the 30 day try me kit.
For £22.74 I got to try out 60ml of the Naturally Luminous Purifying cleanser
30ml of the Purely Nourishing Moisturiser for combination skin and
5ml of the firming eye treatment.
I swatched the creams for you, the top is the moisturiser and bottom you have the eye cream.

For the money the sizes are fantastic and after a months use are still going well.

They say the main ingredient is Rare minerals Active Soil complex, don't worry it looks and smells nothing like soil thank goodness!

Starting with the cleanser, I like it. You get a nice foam that feels luxurious and not synthetic, it cleaned my face really well and I did not break out using it. As the line promises no Synthetic fragrances and no artificial oils I would think it's suitable for all skin types really. 
You only need a teeny bit to do you whole face so I think this 60ml size will see me past my weeks break in July. My pores have been starting to look bigger on my face which I think is due to ageing but after using my face wash they did look smaller to me. With any skin care it is a good testament when people tell you how well you look when you are wearing no make up at all and this is what happened to me after using this.

The moisturiser:
I have changed, recently to anti-ageing moisturisers but I pushed them all a side to give this a go.
After using it for a few weeks I have actually come to the conclusion that for me, this moisturiser is great as a make up primer. It leaves my skin matte, yet still soft and my make up goes on and stays on longer when applied over the top of this. As I am on a lot of medication I need a bit more moisture than this gives me but it gets major thumbs up because of the primer effect.

Eye cream:

I feel at ease using this on my eye lid as well as under my eyes as it feels very gentle to me. I have not noticed my shadows going anywhere but this cream never promised that. I would love to go in to more depth on the eye cream but alas I can't as my H2B has taken and hidden it as he has secretly fallen in love with using it, but for me this shows that it's a great product because he wouldn't bother if it did not work!

All in all I am giving the Bare Minerals a thumbs up! I will be packing it in my bag for my break in Whitby and would recommend anyone to give it a go It is great value.