Thursday, 11 August 2011

A bit of a get to know me

I saw this little 'Get to know me' thingymebob online and thought that I would Give it 5 minutes of my time.

Things you cannot leave the house without?

Painkillers, Phone and hand cream

Favorite Brand of makeup?

Bobbi Brown for Eye make up and lip sticks and Laura Mercier for foundation ( pricey I know but so worth it! )

Favourite Flower?

Sweet Pea's and cream or red roses

Favourite clothing store?

I don't have a favourite store at the moment but normally find what I need in Next or Tesco

Favorite Perfume?

I have so many, infact too many to list. To name a few, Stella Sheer, CK Euphoria and Alien

Heels or flats?

I wish I could wear heels but can only walk with any dignity in flats 

Favourite colours?

Dark Red and Cerise 

Do you drink energy drinks?

No although I do have a really bad addiction to Coca Cola

Do you drink juice?

I like Apple but use dilute in water as hate the taste of plain water
Do you like swimming?

I like swimming but not been in so long. I am a better swimmer on my back than front

Do you eat fries with a fork?

Depends what meal include them
Favourite moisturiser?

Hmmmmm can't really pin just one down for either face or body

Do you want to get married later on in life?

Yes, Date booked for next year 

Do you get mad easily?

I get mad but tend to keep it all deep inside and then get angry at myself, wish I could be more out spoken

Do you bite your nails?

No, but have a bad habit of biting the skin round the sides

Have you ever had a near death experience?

No, Thank goodness

Do you drink coffee?

I like coffee but don't really go for hot drinks

If you fancy filling this in just copy and paste or if you want to add more questions just leave a comment.

Glad you know me a bit better

Sam x

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