Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A bit of a change

I have never thought of myself as some one who had a interest in fashion, bags or any thing but cosmetics so when I have been searching for some new blog reading material I have always skipped past any blog that was not cosmetic specific. I now know this to be a big mistake now whether it is a mistake for the better or may be not so much this is to be seen and I will find out in the months to come.

Now as for me and fashion I have always stuck to my old favourites and the only thing that I have really got away from is wearing constant black. Always sticking firmly to my 'I am a cosmetic girl' mantra has given me the excuse to muddle on in my comfy ways. Not now, not since finding this blog
 Buy now blog later. The writer is Laura and her blog has become a addiction and one that I have already given in to.
A few posts back she was showing off her latest acquired bag and for the first time I thought ' I have to have this' and have it I did. Luckily for me the Focco bag that I fell in love with was from Ebay and not a Berkin bag or another outrageously priced trend.

I never go for bags that just go over the crook of your arm but I guess I am changing my whole view on things and changing my style too.

It's a lovely Tote bag that holds more than I could carry and the good news is that it comes in 2 other colours. I have my sights firmly set on the grey one.
It cost me a total of £33.98 and i think it's worth every penny.
All I need to do now is start filling my wardrobe with outfits to carry it off with lol

If you have fallen in love with this bag like I did you can find the link below.

I know that I have been slack lately in my blogging but I promise I have got loads of things to share with you over the coming weeks, hopefully including some new clothes. So please stick with me your support means the world!!

Sam x

Focco bag link

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  1. I also own a black Focco. It's lovely! Do you plan purchasing the grey one? It's a beauty! :0)