Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Amazing Candles for a little piece of Heaven

Hi everyone!

View from Kitchen window
This is such a strange post for me to be writing. At the moment I am sat on the floor in the grounds of a really remote Cottage in Whitby. We have all come along for my Sister in-laws birthday, I won't tell you her age because I actually want her to like me and still be my Maid Of Honour at the wedding lol Anyway the cottage is a renovated barn with no telephone or Signal for anything else, so at the moment I am almost in the woods quickly typing this before A. My back goes crazy and B. It starts pouring down lol

The cottage is actually a nice back drop for what I am risking my life to blog about(a little dramatic but hey lol )
I got sent some Yankee Candles to try a while back but me being me I just sniff them and never light them so I brought them with me to the cottage.
We have a amazing wood burning fire in one of the sitting rooms that actually does the candles justice!
Although they are both Fruity smelling they make the big room feel homely and warm. The sweet Strawberry gives off a lovely light scent that freshens up any room, unlike most other Strawberry scented products these actually smell of ripe English Summer Strawberries. It was the large candle and even after hours of burning per day it is not even half way down....I think it may take me a year to get through it.
The other 'Flavour' Strawberry Butter cream, yes you guessed it Strawberries with cream and sugar ! This candle although fruity has real depth and warms up the Strawberry smell.
What I love about Yankee candles is you don't just have to have the same smell you can mix them and almost create a perfume that is significant to your home, or in this case rented cottage.

I will of course upload a photo of these fab candles in front of our fire when we get home but at the moment, tapping this out on my H2B's IPAD I have not a clue how to do it. That's a big Duh for me!

I will have to bid you good day( he he) as there are rain clouds over yonder!

Will write another post when I get home

Sam xx

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