Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A-list skin

Do you get Celebrity skin when you use 'cult' skincare? I was soon to find out when I was given the chance to try Rodial Glamtox Cleanser.
In quite a lot of magazine features, when asked what skincare secret an actress or singer has I have often read the reply that this cleanser is the bee's knees. At £48 a throw I expected some pretty hefty results.
After trying it in the morning and the evening I felt it suited my skin as part of my night time routine as the product is quite rich and I personally felt more benefit overnight.
It is a balm cleanser so don't expect a foam or any shift in texture as it hits the skin. The texture does however allow you major massage time so if your New year resolution is to take more time with your skin this balm is a good place to start.
It is a great cleanser if you have skin that cries out for moisture and finds cleansers that need water very stripping.
I found that the balm is fantastic for removing make up and it gets pores clean and fresh. I remove the balm with cleansing mitts but if you use Muslin cloths or indeed flannels these would be just fine too
I have seen some results with this cleanser, so far my skin looks clearer come morning and I do not seem to use as much moisturiser than usual. I did feel a bit posh using this and my bathroom certainly looks the part with the silver bottle adorning my sink.
For oily skin I would not really reach for this cleanser first as you won't get the full benefits this technology filled golden balm has to offer.
Girls out there who have dry, parched and/or aging skin this balm would be perfect for you!

If you have age spots or pigmentation problems and you like cult brands this is worth a look.

I will continue using this cleanser and become a part of it's cult following.

Find yours at


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Bottom of the Jar!

I thought that I would start writing updates on how I am getting on with stuff that I review on here.
We all have cupboards filled with lotions and potions that we have bought, used half of and then went on to the next thing that has caught our eye...if you don't do this than more power to you but I am notoriously bad for it!
There is a rare occasion however that I buy a product , love it and then buy it again. Yes I may not stay faithful to it but I will always dip back into it time to time.

So I am going to try and keep on top of these ' bottom of the jar updates' for the sake of blogging and space too :-)

Today I ran out of my Elemis Pro Radiance cream cleanser... sigh. I didn't think the day was going to come but alas it crept up on me like a Westlife Christmas song!
I have been using this cream cleanser religiously since I first got it along with the mitt.
To be totally honest I am still suffering from spots, I would even go as far to say Acne, but even so with this cleanser my skin does not get angry,red and irritated after I have used it. The rest of my face is clearer too. Whilst using it I have also found that I need to ex-foliate less. The mitt makes you feel like you have given your skin such a good cleanse that I don't feel the need and my skin is looking better for it.

I would recommend keeping it out of the way of the men as it seems too much of a temptation for them.
Better still if you manage to get your mitts(sorry) on a double set let him have one. Less ingrown hairs and a smoother face to snuggle...if you are in to that sort of thing.

Would I buy again?  Without a shadow of a doubt!
Unfortunately I am going to have to wait until after Christmas unless any of Santa's helpers are reading this.
Until then hmmmm

Pro Radiance cleanser is available within Christmas gift sets(hint...hint)
or @

image credited to sas Lockey

Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Christmas Philosophy


Well we are now 16 sleeps from Christmas. If you are anything like me you will have most people sorted but there are a few people that are so hard to buy for that you have put it off to the last minute and now there is a bit of panicking going on.
Chill people! Easy in this weather I know lol I actually meant that I have found a few products that may just be your saviour and there is still time to order them.
If you are looking for a cheeky, quirky but still a high quality gift look no further than Philosophy!
Turn your head this way and you will find things that people love, will do them good and they will not blame you for those extra pounds in the New year.

glow and behold I have heard some one from Philosophy say that they try and make their gift products 'Bow and Go' and I think they have managed it with this one. Why on earth would you want to put wrapping over this beautiful Christmassy box?
Any way back to the product... The lucky person in your life who you decide to give this to will be getting a massive 16floz of Golden, citrus smelling body wash,bubble bath and even hair wash.
The warm golden gel smells like oranges. The cool thing is its a deep, warm and relaxing smell rather than the sharp and refreshing smell that you would find in gels for the summer months. On looking at the bottle I just want to light a load of candles in the bathroom, run this under hot water and lie, submerged in the bath till Christmas eve is here. Why not be naughty and buy one for yourself?... I won't tell Santa

If you have friends out there that you buy for as a couple why not try and get them in a romantic mood for the Christmas season and buy them a bath and body product as a joint gift?
I think that this box looks really cute!
Once you lift the roof off and open the doors of this little house you will find two 8floz bottles of Bath and shower gel. One is a slightly shimmering, lightly spiced yet fresh bottle called Gingerbread Girl and the other is a more masculine smelling, little heavier on the ginger Gingerbread man.
These smell so cosy! As most of the country has been hit by true Christmas weather of late this set should bring forth the need for pampering.
You can of course use them as shower/bath gel. They are so moisturising and you get a load of soft cocooning bubbles on your shower puff.Needless to say you feel clean and relaxed after use.
Here is an idea though, if you or your friends are spending Christmas as a couple this year why not start Christmas eve off with a deep filled bath filled with Spicy smelling share. You may even be lucky enough to use the other set on Christmas day.
Great as a gift or to keep for yourself.

You can get The Gingerbread house set for £16.50 at
The Glow and go set retail for between £13 and £15 website details to follow

Friday, 3 December 2010

Make a date with

Everybody marks the beginning of December with a advent calendar. For some reason the small square of chocolate that we get adds excitement to the run up to Christmas and transports us back to childhood. I have been pointed in the direction of a calendar more befitting to my addiction...Cosmetics have put their heads together and have come up with a calendar fit for any beauty junkie, best of all you won't put on an ounce. Every day right up to the 21st of December they are offering a free gift when you make a purchase from one their top beauty brands. The gifts are certainly worth having so if you are doing your Christmas shopping you get a guilt free treat for yourself  as well as a gift for a loved one, but if you end up keeping both I won't tell anyone!

So far the free gifts have included a hair product, facial moisturiser and self tan. All the help you need for the party season.

A little extra information on the site if you have never come across it before. stocks many high end and cult brands that may not be widely available in shops within your area. You are taken care for top to toe and best of all you get to learn about brands that you may not of heard of. Take a peek and you may discover a new must have.