Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A-list skin

Do you get Celebrity skin when you use 'cult' skincare? I was soon to find out when I was given the chance to try Rodial Glamtox Cleanser.
In quite a lot of magazine features, when asked what skincare secret an actress or singer has I have often read the reply that this cleanser is the bee's knees. At £48 a throw I expected some pretty hefty results.
After trying it in the morning and the evening I felt it suited my skin as part of my night time routine as the product is quite rich and I personally felt more benefit overnight.
It is a balm cleanser so don't expect a foam or any shift in texture as it hits the skin. The texture does however allow you major massage time so if your New year resolution is to take more time with your skin this balm is a good place to start.
It is a great cleanser if you have skin that cries out for moisture and finds cleansers that need water very stripping.
I found that the balm is fantastic for removing make up and it gets pores clean and fresh. I remove the balm with cleansing mitts but if you use Muslin cloths or indeed flannels these would be just fine too
I have seen some results with this cleanser, so far my skin looks clearer come morning and I do not seem to use as much moisturiser than usual. I did feel a bit posh using this and my bathroom certainly looks the part with the silver bottle adorning my sink.
For oily skin I would not really reach for this cleanser first as you won't get the full benefits this technology filled golden balm has to offer.
Girls out there who have dry, parched and/or aging skin this balm would be perfect for you!

If you have age spots or pigmentation problems and you like cult brands this is worth a look.

I will continue using this cleanser and become a part of it's cult following.

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