Monday, 3 January 2011

Frustration is setting in!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I have started the New year with an increased level of frustration... no not of that kind you dirty lot!
I made the mistake of ordering some new skincare right in the middle of the Christmas/New year holiday and it feels like it is taking it's good ol time getting here.

After getting an Elemis gift set for Christmas my addiction to Elemis was confirmed so I went on the search to add more to my collection.
Sticking to my bottom of the jar post I ordered some more of the fabulous Pro-Radiance cleanser along with a brand new pair of mitts, My skin has just not been the same without it and restocking became a craving. I then went a bit mad!! My defence was that I have not actually over indulged on party food over the festive period so I overindulged in Elemis!

So now I am awaiting my cleanser along with a toner, Skin bliss capsules a exfoliator and a mask! 
It was a bargin I tells you lol

I will keep you updated!

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