Thursday, 20 January 2011

Skin Blast booster

I have been looking for a 'miracle' skincare product for ages! In the past year I have made quite a few discoveries that I will not be letting go of . I discovered the brand Elemis, yes I knew of it before but I had never used one of the products. I have fallen in love with the Frangapani Monoi moisture melt and the Pro-radiance cream cleanser among many, but the product that has made the most differance to my skin in the shortest space of time has to be the Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss capsules .

In all the press releases and magazine articles I have read these are billed as Anti-aging but I did not use them for this reason. I once saw a demonstration of these by a Elemis therapist and as she was explaining the science behind these(I could not repeat even if I wanted to lol) and how they make your skin attack toxins and allow fresh and healthy skin cells make it to the skins surface. I wondered as well as working for anti-aging whether they would actually help with my on going and getting worse case of acne that had been making me ever more self concious.

They are meant to be a boost to skincare and not you buy them in a course for a month. In the two weeks I have been using them boy have they made a difference!!!
The overall appearance of my skin has a clarity that I have not seen in such a long time and the real deal breaker is that for me my spots have all but gone. I am left with a small blemish but hey that can be covered with a small dot of make up.

You use a pink cap in the morning, this to me smells like turkish delight oil and on a night you use a green lavender scented one.
I have found I do not need extra moisturiser but feel free to depend on your own skin type.

I feel nervous that my course is up but I will buy again

get yours from

Price for 30days worth is £ 59.30

Results are based on my experience only

Image supplied by Elemis

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