Friday, 11 February 2011's in the bag!

Forgive me blog world for I have sinned, it has been at least 3 weeks since my last post!
A lot has happened in the past three weeks that has taken my attention away from my now neglected blog.
I have gotten engaged! So I have been immersed in excitement and girly planning and of course a new diet...I must not be a fatty bum bum bride lol And I have been to hospital a few times.
Anyway getting back to the point, I was sent some great eye shadow duo's a while ago from Accessorize.
I love their bags but I did not know that they did make up. Well it turns out that I have been missing out... big time!
Please be kind, my first go at my own Photos

On the left is a nice very pale Vanilla shade with hints of gold partnered with a nice Sage green, again shot through with gold.

This is the set that I have found that I have worn the most as it is softer than the set on the right.
I wonder if the guys at Accessorize are Prince fans as they have named this striking duo Purple Reign!

The wear of these shadows are great, there is not fall out and they blend like a dream. I bet that you could get really creative with these. Purple reign would look great used wet as a liner. My hand is not steady enough for this so I will leave it up to you to create looks.

Top no flash, bottom with flash
The best thing about these are that they are only £4... bargain!

Grab yours from Accessorize and Superdrug.

Photographs belong to Beautiful you Uk

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