Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Leighton Denny nail Angel or nail God?

I have watched Leighton Denny on QVC for what feels like forever. When ever his show come's on tv it is like a private consultation with Leighton, so leave me alone lol
Apart from being a cheeky chappy you can tell that Leighton is really passionate about what he does and also really genuinely cares about his customers. This has led me to this post.

I have always painted my toe nails, going for deep vibrant colours but I have never had the confidence to paint my finger nails. When ever I have tried before the polish was streaky and took 4 coats that of course smudged before they were dry. Or they chipped within a day....I hate that!!
Any way recently I have had to take a lot more care in the appearance of my nails. Having just gotten engaged I didn't want to feel self concious when showing off the rock.
After forever watching Leighton I felt I could trust his brand and took the plunge for the second time in a month lol

I bought the French fascination set, it has every thing to start off a fab collection

As you can see the set is mainly for French tips but don't let it fool you there are so many looks to be had. As you can see there is  Amazing Grey, a shade that can be worn sheer or full coverage and also included is Cascade, a clearish top coat with the best sparkle ever.

I attempted a French manicure first, I did not hold out much hope because last time I went near white polish more ended up on my skin than nails!

Look at the results!!
All thanks to Precision Corrector!
Use the little brush and Corrector to make a clear edge to the tips. 

Amazing!!Leighton is a nail God!

The polishes are easy to apply, go on even and last forever!!
Next time I am totally going to go for Amazing Grey with a coat of cascade

I am going to be buying even more collections I just know it, but shhhh don't tell the hubby 2b lol

Thanks Leighton it was worth the wait!
Verdict... Nail God!!!!

A little update, 5 days on the polish is still going strong, not a chip in sight!!

What's included
1 x Precision Corrector with brush (12ml) - three-in-one product tidies up nail polish mistakes and is key to creating the perfect French manicure finish
1 x Pure White nail colour - white (12ml)
  • 1 x Starkers nail colour - pale nude (12ml)
  • 1 x Cascade nail colour - multi-coloured glitter (12ml)
  • 1 x Three Times A Lady nail colour - baby pink (12ml)
  • 1 x Amazing Grey nail colour - grey (12ml)
  • 1 x One For All nail colour - top and base coat (12ml) - a base coat, top coat, ridge filler and clear gloss coat all in one
  • 1 x Uno file - double-sided nail file with a fine filing surface suitable for use on soft, weak and fragile nails 
  • 1 x Diamond buffer - flattens ridges and smoothes and shines nails to a glass-like flawless finish

French Fascination set £33.62 plus p&p QVC 

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