Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A to Z of me

Age: 27

Bed Size: Double and we need a bigger one as I hog the space
Chore you Hate: Hoovering
Dogs: A 10 year old Boxer called Beau and I have to tag on I have 4 cute guinea pigs 
Essential start of your day: A bath(wish we had a shower) and reading blogs

Favourite Colour: Deep red
Gold or Silver: White gold

Height: 5'3"

Instruments I play: I can play the recorder
Job, I have a very bad back at the moment so my job is remembering to take all my tablets at the right times
Kids: Not yet but we get married next year and after that who know's
Live: With my H2B in Sheffield
Mum's name: Jaquline

Nickname: Sammy, Claxers, Panther and Baby girl
Pet Peeve: Bad manners, rudeness and people sticking their nose in

Quote from a movie:  No one put's baby in the corner
Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: 2 Sisters and a brother who live in Oz...I miss them :-(
Time you wake up: Every hour thanks to my naughty back but I officially get up at 7am with H2B

Underwear: Never matching although I try but end up sticking to comfy 
Vegetables you dislike: Broad beans and boiled potato's

What makes you run late: Reading blogs, Checking my make up, making sure it's not too strong, basically my hang ups

X-rays you've had done: Back and full body plus MRI's
Yummy food you make: Lasagne, , chilli con carne , Sunday Lunch, Chocolate muffins with a peanut butter center
Zoo animal: Monkey
That's me but I actually took the idea from Roz over at Primp and preen. I would really recommend that you read her
blog, It's the first one I read in the morning and keep checking through the day.

perfect brows

I just thought that I would do a little mini post to report on some thing that I did on Saturday.
As you know from the previous post that I had a day out on Saturday. While I was out I went to get myeyebrows done.
I have blonde hair but my eyebrows are very dark brown and they can become a bit unruly. Also I have a little issue of blonde hairs interfering too .

Now with dark hair these brows may look nice but blonde hair...nope.

I went to Debenhams specifically to visit their eyebrow bar. Yes waxing works but I find threading the best thing for me. Not only do they get rid of excess hair but they also reshape. I came away with less bushy brows with a perfect shape for my face. I am determined to visit every time I get the chance especially close to the wedding.
I do actually have make up on this photo, I guess I took the natural look too far! As you can see the
girl at the brow bar has given my brows much more of  a less bushy shape.

If you get the chance give threading a go! Plus it does not hurt!

Threading £10 at Debenhams brow bar

Photo credit to realwomenmakeup.com

Monday, 30 May 2011

A healthy glow in a bottle?

I have used Leighton Denny's nail polish for a while now, have become a facebook angel and I have even blogged about his polish but it seems Mr Denny has another string to his bow.
On TV Leighton always looks really healthy with a holiday glow, well if you work as hard as Leighton I wondered where the glow came from.
I then found out, Leighton has got together with tan expert James Harknett to create the perfect fake tan, Sun-believable self tan. So the secret is out and so is the product. With the promise that you won't smell like digestives or be streaky and orange.
The low down is that it is a foam and develops in 2-4 hours. It is said to last ten days.
Now I am a self-tan virgin so I was really worried about using this as I did not want to end up looking orange, and I didn't.

You get a bottle of tan mousse in a choice of medium or dark. I had the medium. You also get a mitt to ensure even coverage and you don't get the tell tale orange hand!
Before I started I exfoliated making sure that I paid extra attention to my knees and my feet, not just the bottom but up to my ankles.
I then started, with trepidation the tanning process.
The foam came out in a non scary latte shade, I put in on my mitt and rubbed it in circular motions. I started at my feet and worked my way up.  
It was just like rubbing moisturiser in, it just required a bit more attention. The colour of the product helped me to see where I needed to massage a bit more. 
I managed to get it done in 45 minutes but I think if I was more used to tanning it would be quicker.
It did start to develop straight away and I ended up a sunkissed colour with no streaky bits.

I would say the medium would suit blonde to mid brown hair with a lighter skin tone. The darker I would say olive skin and hair dark brown and darker.
Seven days later the tan was still looking good. I would certainly use it again as it is not a scary as others out there. Plus the other good side as there was no smell!!

and QVC and selected John Lewis stores

£30 for 200ml
Try me sets available

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Another bag of empty stuff!!

I have already written a post on my empty bottles of stuff and as my mission is continuing I thought that I would make the chuck out posts an on-going thing, almost like a diary of how well I am doing and how much more stuff I can buy. (LOL)

So this weeks bag of empties are:

I've been big on gentle products as my skin has been so sensitive due to all my tablets.
At the beginning of the week I was searching for the most gentle things I had and as you can see from the photo I have used every drop.

I like using bubble bath on a morning so although I was saving my 'Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All' travel size I knew I could trust it to smell nice yet be gentle. It did not disappoint, I could relax yet still smell nice.

Dove Body Wash - my normal every day body wash tends to be ones that smell like soap, so generally Dove or Johnson's.  Now although this is a soapy product they have recently changed the formula so it has extra moisturiser, which I need in bucket loads.

I've been using two different body moisturisers this week. Sanctuary's Kyphi Body Butter for all over day moisture. This body butter is super moisturising which is not surprising as in contains beeswax and lotus and argan oil, infact I used a 150ml tub in just over a week. The smell is very faint but pleasant, vanilla and sandalwood makes it smell gentle. I am beginning to really love Sanctuary products.

The other moisturiser in my bag is one of my all time favourite products,  Elemis Skin Nourishing Hand and Body lotion.
First of all the smell is AMAZING! I use it at night not just because of the nourishment it brings to my skin but the smell also helps me relax. I can't really describe it, I'm not going to list the ingredients on the back as they do not reflect just how fabulous this product is. I've already brought out my second bottle and I won't actually throw the empty bottle away as I am going to cut it open to decant as much of it as I can in to a little pot. 

Soap & Glory Bubble bath £5.10 @ Boots
Get Dove body was for approx £2.49 as cost varies
Sanctuary Kyphi body butter @ Boots
Elemis Nourishing Hand and Body lotion 200ml £22.50 @ www.timetospa.co.uk

Sam xx

Saturday, 28 May 2011

I've been out!!!

Now the reason that I started the post with that title is simply that as my back has been very naughty for almost two years I do not get the chance to go out very often. Well today I was a good girl, took all my pain killers and the like and made my way into the big wide world, well Frankie&Bennies.
I went to see my friend Kerry who like me is getting married next year and also like me is marrying a man called Paul. Now the difference stops there as Kerry is fabulously 29 weeks pregnant, so I got to go and do a lot of cooing and randomly touching her bump which is strangely acceptable when a girl is preggers lol.
After a chat and some food and plenty of baby talk, Kerry headed off to buy baby things while I still felt well and mobile enough to peruse some shops.

Well it turns out that I can't just look so this is my mini haul.
The body shop had a offer on their fruity body washes, two 250ml body washes for £6 so I got my faves, Strawberry and Satsuma. I also bought some bath gloves that help keep my skin soft.

I was also desperate for a new purse and found this gorgeous one for £16 at Accessorize.

And the little cupcake found it's way into my bag, I'm on a major cupcake mission at the moment but I call it research as we are having them at the wedding lol

I really enjoyed my few hours out, I love the stuff I bought but I am tired out now and in enough pain to put me off venturing out for another 6 months or so. Never mind there is a great thing called internet shopping lol

Sam xx

Friday, 27 May 2011

Organised? Me?

I am celebrating my 100th post today!!!!!!  To celebrate this milestone I am going to do a personal post to today about maybe the only other topic I think about daily other than beauty stuff at the moment...My wedding, I hope that you will allow me a few moments to pass on a little experience that  I have gained in the past 6 months.

Our wedding will be in September of next year and by that time we will of been together almost 8 years. I am shocked to say that I have most of it sorted already!I know I am shocked myself but unlike these massive weddings in all of the magazines I have been reading, ours is a small intimate day with 50 for lunch and more for the night.Just the way we want it.

Now when I started planning the wedding I read the bridal magazines religiously and as they all come with check lists all of which I had memorised, and this is where I started getting stressed, you must have this done by month 6 and this at month 12 and blah blah blah.
Well as I have time on my hands due to my very very naughty back I screwed up these lists and made a more laid back one of my own.
We have amazing friends who own a amazing 16th century venue complete with beams and tons of whimsical atmosphere and one of them happens to be a top chef while his wife is a super planner so all of the day and night is sorted.
My list was getting shorter so I allowed myself to get carried away by looking at dresses, now according to magazines this is month 12-13 but to hell with that!!!  I went dress shopping with my soon to be mother-in law and my maid of honour who happens to be H2B's sister. Thanks to that shopping trip I have already chosen mine and it's being made as I type.
THE ONE or so I thought
Now this is where my advice comes in. When I was pouring over said magazines I spotted THE ONE, I was determined to have it, this was mine. Covered in lace, sash round my waist and trumpet skirt with a small lace cathedral train.
The thing is when I tried it on I looked like a bag of potatoes. As it was what they call a trumpet skirt (straight down) I was far too short and not the right shape for it.
When you go and try dresses on they will put you in everything, I mean everything at one point I was in a pink fishtail dress lol and a red one followed, but as I panicked Mandy explained she was trying styles on me not colour at this a let out a massive sigh of relief!
Now of course I can not show you my dress that I picked( as H2B is nosey) but what I can say is that it is not what I thought would suit me although I loved it on the rail I did not even peg it. After being persuaded by Mandy to try it on. Even though at that point another dress had been picked  It was to be the last dress of the day and as it turned out the one I fell in love with, There is a photo of me crying in it lol.

My advice, Trust the lady who is helping you on the day as she has you sized up within seconds, go in with a open mind and try on dresses even if you think you don't like them because A: you have fun and B: you never know lol  C:You don't need to go to loads of shops, trust your heart if you find your dress in the first shop, go for it!

Have good fun!!!

Sam xxx

Image Alfred Angelo
***** Not my dress lol

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Beautiful skin the Bare Minerals way

When a make up company makes a claim such as 'A make up so pure that you can sleep in it' They have to live up to the hype.
All of us know that if you wear a full face of make up to bed  you're gonna wake up with your face on your pillow. Not only that it will cause a break out!
I can tell you that the company that made this claim is Bare Escentuals, and they are not fibbing!

I was given the BE get started kit to try out.

@ £48 I think that it is fantastic value. You can pay up to £30 for a liquid foundation when in this little box of tricks you get two shades of the BE foundation a pot of Mineral veil, warmth, a concealer and 3 yes 3! high quality brushes along with a instructions DVD and a sample of primer.

MY nightmare with a liquid foundation is that demarcation line down the side of your face. Lets be real here no matter how expensive your foundation is that line is not pretty and ruins all your hard work.
You don't have to worry with BE as it is seamless no matter how much you buff on.The trick of this foundation is Swirl, Tap and buff. You shake a little in to the lid swirl and tap off the excess and buff all over, it's fun! . If you want a natural covering this should be enough but the great thing is you can build up the coverage to cover problem areas(we all have them) and it never looks chalky it just gives your skin a bloom.
The mineral veil is great if you get oily but it is also like a soft focus lens, it just smooths everything out, I am never going to be with out this and I am certainly going to keep it in my bag for my wedding.

The concealer is great for covering blemishes, as you know I need hard core covering for my eye circles but if you just look a bit tired this would be perfect and you get the brush too.
The pot of warmth can be used just to add a tiny bit of non shimmery tan to your face but I have also found it useful on my shoulders, chest and legs to take the paleness away, a great bit of kit in the summer...if it ever gets here.
All these powders don't come off, I have put a white top on after using them and nothing.

To test it out to the max I did the sleep test and I did not break out and there was nothing on my white pillow, this does not mean you can be a lazy bones and not take your make up off at night but once in a while won't give you spots.

This kit comes in 4 shades and has a SPF 15
BE make up is 100% minerals unlike other makes out there

I can wait to see the next BE innovation

*press sample

Get yours @http://www.bareescentuals.co.uk

Some thing that I don't usually do

It is very rare that I write any thing totally negative but it is also very rare that I come across a product that I...well hate.

Clarins One step facial cleanser. A no rinse cleanser that is meant to cleanse, renew radiance and purify the skin. Now I bought this after previously being happy with a Clarins foaming cleanser. I was after something quick, easy and hard working to clean my face before bed. This had me sold with the ingredients including orange extract and moringa seeds.
Like a toner you use it on a cotton wool  pad, shake the bottle to mix, swipe over the face and then follow with your moisturiser.
I was really excited to use this like I am with all new things but I was so disappointed.
After swiping the cotton wool over my face I was left with a very oily residue on my skin. If you have read my blog before you know that I love oils but this one was awful. My skin felt dirty, clammy and just disgusting. Before I wrote it off totally I tried taking the residue off with toner but still no joy.

I had to wash my face twice and then toned before my skin felt nice and clean. This was not the end of it though, within a day I broke out in spots....not great!

What Clarins state

Quick and effective, a no rinse cleanser that renews radiance thanks to Orange extract which tones and Moringa seeds that purify. Perfect for those in a hurry! This doublephased cleanser gently removes light makeup, impurities and traces of pollution in one easy step. Leaves skin fresh and comfortable.


This is not what I experienced. I used it again the other night just to be sure in case I had not shaken it properly but the same happened.
I think for all it pains me to say this, as it is Clarins, but this is going in my swap box for others to try.

Sam x

Clarins average cost £18.50 for 200ml

Monday, 23 May 2011

Is Science fun?

In the last few posts I have rambled on about products that I have used up, supermarket finds and a product that I really hated. Today I am back to my happy self and blogging about products that I love. If you watch QVC and or have read my blog before you may have heard of the Spa brand Bliss.

You may wonder if those are washing up gloves in the picture but no they are not. They are amazing moisturising gloves. The clever people at Bliss have taken the work out of getting your hands manicure ready.
I love these! Not only do they have a strange jelly lining but they have speed, only taking 20 minutes to work. Once you get these home you get up to 50 uses out of them.
The jelly has olive oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E. I have never had softer hands or less rough cuticles before.
Bliss have also thought ahead and brought out socks that do the same job for your tootsies which is good for hobbit feet like mine!

The bottle of Triple Oxygen Energising mask is a good find.
I have never used a mask like it. When it comes out of the bottle it is a peach gel, nothing unusual there I thought. Well then I rubbed it on my face, I soon learned that you have to be quick getting this on your face because as soon as it touches skin it starts to foam. As soon as it foams up you know that it is working and my Lord did this work.
I always have great fun using Bliss masks because there is always a element of science to them, whether you have to mix them or you see them working before your eyes. By the time it came to washing this mask off my full face was foam (lol).
I used a muslin cloth to gently wipe this mask off. Looking in the mirror my skin did look slightly brighter and a bit more even.
If you are interested in the science bit here it comes (ignore by all means).

  • Delivers oxygen to the skin with innovative fluid 02 technology.
  • Brightens, lightens, tightens with the most active powerful form of vitamin C available.
  • Protects cells from free radical damage with powerful antioxidants.

All I know that it is really fun to use and my skin does look better for using it, so good my H2B has been stealing it!

Both products bring the spa into your home and are fun to use, my advice is give them a go!

Get both @ www.blissworld.co.uk

Gloves £36.80
Mask £39.90 100ml

Sunday, 22 May 2011

I am a nutter!!!!!

Just a really quick post to embarrass myself  and to prove that I do test out my products before I blog about them.
I guess it also shows my commitment to my blog or that I should be committed lol

FYI you can use any good carrier bag for your hair mask or a shower cap is even better lol

Hope this makes you chuckle 

Sam x

I guess I should of been angry at my H2B but luckily I have a strange sense of humour  

Have long glossy hair

Following on from my last post showing my empty bottles I thought I would share with you a new purchase. I can never resist trying new things, I am trying to lower the price of what I am testing but my love of beauty products runs too deep to give up lol

I have tried loads and loads of conditioners for my hair, unlike shampoo where I have to stick to certain ones I can try all conditioners. I have went through the expensive, organic and cheap ones and I believe I have found the ONE. All the others just served a purpose while this one is my favourite that I am never going to be without. What is it?
Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends

This is the only conditioner that I have been able to put all through my hair without build up.
It's easy to rinse out and smells amazing.
As I am growing my hair for the wedding I wanted hair care that was going to help keep it in top condition. This is it, not a salon brand but one that you can pick up with your weekly shop.
I have not been to the hairdressers for about 3 months( I know bad girl!) but you can't tell.
I have no split ends or fly away/unruly hair.
I am hoping they do a treatment version because I will snap that up.

Last word on it is you only need a small amount so it is economical if like me you wash your hair every day.

Sam xx

Average price £3.49 for 400 ml
You can buy in most supermarkets or chemists
*own purchse 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Out with the old, in with the new!

I have been making a real effort lately to use up all the beauty stuff that I have been holding on to for no other reason than I like having a massive stash of scrubs,lotions and potions.
My efforts have been paying off and I am slowly getting to the bottom of the bottles....therefore getting to replace them haha.

A little run down on the empties.
We have Liz Earle's Energising body lotion. I have already reviewed this lotion and as you can see I adored it. Left my skin moisturised and smelling nice all day.

Next we have Soap and Glory's Scrub actually. I have gotten as much as I can out of the tube although I am considering cutting it open so I can scrape the bottom. Like all of S&G scrubs this smelled delicious. Sweet and sugary this is the perfect scrub down before shaving and lets face it, it looks cute on the side of your bath!

Last but not least is a tester pot of Creme De La Mer eye balm Intense. Saying this is a tester pot is a bit misleading as I have been using it for months. You need the tiniest bit to soothe your eyes. I'm not going to tell a fib and say it reduced my incredibly dark circles because it didn't however it kept my skin smooth and was a fantastic base for my eye make up.

I was impressed with all three products and wish I had replacements tucked away but alas I haven't.I would recommend these to anyone.

Sam x

Liz Earle * press sample
 @http://uk.lizearle.com/energise/energising-body-lotion.html  £16.50 150 ml tube

S&G * my own purchase
http://www.boots.com/en/Soap-Glory-Scrub-Actually-200ml_641302/  £6.89 200ml

Creme De La Mer * tester
£97 15ml pot

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A quick little post

Ten things to know about me:

1 . I was born in Australia, moved to Newcastle as a toddler and then made my way to Sheffield aged 22

2. There are 4 little furry girls in my life, Fudge, Mable, Pop pop and Lily pad. My 4 little guinea pigs. Oh and a boxer dog, Beau

3. I am getting Married next year...yeah!! By the time we get hitched we will have been together almost 8 years.

4. I am so addicted to all things cosmetic it is unbelievable lol

5. I read so, so much. I can read a book in a day

6.  I can pick things up with me feet, anything from pencils to remote's.This has earned me the nickname Hobbit feet.

7. I love Tattoo's and have 3

8. I am tongue tied so can't stick my tongue out, plus side to this is I can't choke on it

9. I got a kiss on the cheek by Michael Buble on my 21st birthday, yes I have washed my face since.

10. One of my favourite songs is Cornbread by Dave Matthews, even though I have never actually had Cornbread lol Maybe I will have it as our first dance..........Joke

http://youtu.be/8pTtJZvtUSw  Have a listen

Hope this is a little insight in to me
Try to think of a list for yourself It is actually hard lol

Sam x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


If you are lucky enough to visit a Spa whether it be for a  weekend or indeed just a luxurious treat for the day, I would recommend visiting a Spa that uses Espa. Now for the past few posts I have been trying to recreate a spa at home so we need to look else where, luckily for us Espa have made the products they use in the relaxing and pampering beauty rooms available at home.
I had been given the chance to try the Body Silk Spray. This is the product that finishes your experience.

Normally I need a stronger moisturiser but when you have given your self a Spa experience all the soaking and scrubbing leaves your skin soft to start with so all you need is a mist of nourishment.
This spray leaves a nice sheen on your skin almost like a oil but without the waiting time for it to sink in before getting dressed. With Espa being a spa brand this spray is not just there to make your skin look and smell nice but it also has anti-oxidents in the form of Pomegranate so it keeps working on your skin long after you have used it.

I have also found that it is great to spray on your legs if your are getting your pins on as it leaves a subtle sheen and makes you look healthy.
What I would say is that you love the smell and want to use it on a daily basis you may want to use it as a final mist over the skin as I am not sure it is moisturising enough to go it alone.

This is a great addition to your kit for a at home Spa, packed with more natural ingredients than you can shake a freshly scrubbed stick at!

Get yours for £26 for 100ml

Sam xx

*press sample

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Oil for a Goddess!!

A 27 year old doing a review on anti-ageing skin care....really? Well yes I am. No I have not got a sign of a wrinkle but whether that is down to good genes, a good skin care obsession or just down to plain old luck I am not sure but I know I am not going to chance any of those going to waste!
Yes I may be starting early but I am jumping on the anti-ageing wagon and slapping some good stuff on my skin.
I find creams a bit too heavy for my skin at the moment(that will be because your under 30 I hear you shout) so I have turned to oils on a night to do the job. I really love oils and whether it's body oil, face oil or indeed one to cleanse with I am not scared. At one time people used to believe that using a oil on your skin would cause spots and grease and all sorts of nasties, well that may be true if you slather on cooking oil but believe it or not oils of today are good for your skin.

I was given the chance to try L'Occitane's Organic Very Precious Regenerating Concentrate, wow what a mouthful!
This concentrate is a oil and is packed with so much goodness you can't not want to massage it on your skin.
Being part of L'Occitane's Immortelle range it has the name sakes essential oil equivalent of 3,000 flowers, this keeps your collagen doing what it's meant to.
FYI it also contains geranium extract, sunflower, borage and evening primrose oil all helping to delay the signs of ageing and keep that bloom to the skin.

Now that is down I can tell you what I like about this oil. After cleansing and toning I massage this oil on my face and down my neck. The smell is amazing and I find it aids relaxation, which helps me sleep better which in turn helps out my skin! I have never really paid attention to my neck and décolleté but the skin looks more even in tone since using this oil. My skin on on my face has evened out a little and the oil does seem to pack a punch when used over night. It is not at all greasy and sinks in quickly.

Would I buy this.... Yes I think I would, saying that this bottle is going to last me for ages!

Get yours @ http://uk.loccitane.com/FO/Organic-Very-Precious-Regenerating-Concentrate,p27CR030I8.htm
£40 30ml
Image of flowers- L'Occitane
other photo's Sam Claxton

Sunday, 8 May 2011

A time to relax....with Liz Earle

I have been on a little bit of a mission lately, to try and recreate the spa feeling at home.
I don't know about any one else but I have not really had any spare pennies to indulge in treatments when ever I have been feeling a bit stressed, which has been quite often of late.
I did a review on a facial I had and loved at my local beauty shop but not only is it nice to keep these things for a really special treat it is hard to afford the upkeep of one or two a month.

This is where a little box of tricks comes in to it.
The normal check list of recreating a spa like feel at home starts with nice smelling candles,
Then followed by bubble bath, may be a face mask and some relaxing music.
This is all great but after I have done all this I start to feel a bit bored and start with the ordinary mundane thing of getting washed, I am really odd in the fact that I can't just get out of a bubble bath without a good scrub first.
The thing is this can be relaxing too!
Starting at the top with a face massage, grab a cream cleanser. My favourite is Liz Earle cleanse and polish.
Massage in slow motion around your face paying attention to your forehead where all the stress builds up. Not only is this relaxing and almost sends me to sleep but because of the steam and taking the cleanser off with the muslin cloth it is a really good deep facial.
If you have not tried Liz Earle before why not get the Essentials Try me kit?
 For £22.25 which is less than what you would pay for a facial you get
30 ml of the Cleanse and polish, I would say this will do at least 6  facials
50 ml of the instant boost skin tonic, This can be used two ways, While enjoying a soak put two cotton wool pads with this tonic on over your eyes to soothe and de-puff and it smells great too. You also use it as a toner at the end of your spa time just to freshen and soothe the skin.
In this little green bag you get a choice of moisturiser too, either normal/comb or dry/sensitive
The moisturiser will last ages and it makes doing a home facial very economical.
If you are any thing like me you will also have a stock of the full sizes too, who said you can't have a spa day every day?

I will be buying one of these kits to tuck into my over night bag when I get married as after a long day I think I will need all the help I can get to look normal the day after lol 

Next time I will be trying a good old body scub and body wash, can some thing so normal have a spa feeling?

Sam x

Spa pic at top credited to ambientmusicgarden.com
The Liz Earle photo was taken with my own fair hands

Get Liz Earle @ uk.lizearle.com