Tuesday, 17 May 2011


If you are lucky enough to visit a Spa whether it be for a  weekend or indeed just a luxurious treat for the day, I would recommend visiting a Spa that uses Espa. Now for the past few posts I have been trying to recreate a spa at home so we need to look else where, luckily for us Espa have made the products they use in the relaxing and pampering beauty rooms available at home.
I had been given the chance to try the Body Silk Spray. This is the product that finishes your experience.

Normally I need a stronger moisturiser but when you have given your self a Spa experience all the soaking and scrubbing leaves your skin soft to start with so all you need is a mist of nourishment.
This spray leaves a nice sheen on your skin almost like a oil but without the waiting time for it to sink in before getting dressed. With Espa being a spa brand this spray is not just there to make your skin look and smell nice but it also has anti-oxidents in the form of Pomegranate so it keeps working on your skin long after you have used it.

I have also found that it is great to spray on your legs if your are getting your pins on as it leaves a subtle sheen and makes you look healthy.
What I would say is that you love the smell and want to use it on a daily basis you may want to use it as a final mist over the skin as I am not sure it is moisturising enough to go it alone.

This is a great addition to your kit for a at home Spa, packed with more natural ingredients than you can shake a freshly scrubbed stick at!

Get yours for £26 for 100ml

Sam xx

*press sample

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