Saturday, 28 May 2011

I've been out!!!

Now the reason that I started the post with that title is simply that as my back has been very naughty for almost two years I do not get the chance to go out very often. Well today I was a good girl, took all my pain killers and the like and made my way into the big wide world, well Frankie&Bennies.
I went to see my friend Kerry who like me is getting married next year and also like me is marrying a man called Paul. Now the difference stops there as Kerry is fabulously 29 weeks pregnant, so I got to go and do a lot of cooing and randomly touching her bump which is strangely acceptable when a girl is preggers lol.
After a chat and some food and plenty of baby talk, Kerry headed off to buy baby things while I still felt well and mobile enough to peruse some shops.

Well it turns out that I can't just look so this is my mini haul.
The body shop had a offer on their fruity body washes, two 250ml body washes for £6 so I got my faves, Strawberry and Satsuma. I also bought some bath gloves that help keep my skin soft.

I was also desperate for a new purse and found this gorgeous one for £16 at Accessorize.

And the little cupcake found it's way into my bag, I'm on a major cupcake mission at the moment but I call it research as we are having them at the wedding lol

I really enjoyed my few hours out, I love the stuff I bought but I am tired out now and in enough pain to put me off venturing out for another 6 months or so. Never mind there is a great thing called internet shopping lol

Sam xx

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