Friday, 27 May 2011

Organised? Me?

I am celebrating my 100th post today!!!!!!  To celebrate this milestone I am going to do a personal post to today about maybe the only other topic I think about daily other than beauty stuff at the moment...My wedding, I hope that you will allow me a few moments to pass on a little experience that  I have gained in the past 6 months.

Our wedding will be in September of next year and by that time we will of been together almost 8 years. I am shocked to say that I have most of it sorted already!I know I am shocked myself but unlike these massive weddings in all of the magazines I have been reading, ours is a small intimate day with 50 for lunch and more for the night.Just the way we want it.

Now when I started planning the wedding I read the bridal magazines religiously and as they all come with check lists all of which I had memorised, and this is where I started getting stressed, you must have this done by month 6 and this at month 12 and blah blah blah.
Well as I have time on my hands due to my very very naughty back I screwed up these lists and made a more laid back one of my own.
We have amazing friends who own a amazing 16th century venue complete with beams and tons of whimsical atmosphere and one of them happens to be a top chef while his wife is a super planner so all of the day and night is sorted.
My list was getting shorter so I allowed myself to get carried away by looking at dresses, now according to magazines this is month 12-13 but to hell with that!!!  I went dress shopping with my soon to be mother-in law and my maid of honour who happens to be H2B's sister. Thanks to that shopping trip I have already chosen mine and it's being made as I type.
THE ONE or so I thought
Now this is where my advice comes in. When I was pouring over said magazines I spotted THE ONE, I was determined to have it, this was mine. Covered in lace, sash round my waist and trumpet skirt with a small lace cathedral train.
The thing is when I tried it on I looked like a bag of potatoes. As it was what they call a trumpet skirt (straight down) I was far too short and not the right shape for it.
When you go and try dresses on they will put you in everything, I mean everything at one point I was in a pink fishtail dress lol and a red one followed, but as I panicked Mandy explained she was trying styles on me not colour at this a let out a massive sigh of relief!
Now of course I can not show you my dress that I picked( as H2B is nosey) but what I can say is that it is not what I thought would suit me although I loved it on the rail I did not even peg it. After being persuaded by Mandy to try it on. Even though at that point another dress had been picked  It was to be the last dress of the day and as it turned out the one I fell in love with, There is a photo of me crying in it lol.

My advice, Trust the lady who is helping you on the day as she has you sized up within seconds, go in with a open mind and try on dresses even if you think you don't like them because A: you have fun and B: you never know lol  C:You don't need to go to loads of shops, trust your heart if you find your dress in the first shop, go for it!

Have good fun!!!

Sam xxx

Image Alfred Angelo
***** Not my dress lol

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