Sunday, 29 May 2011

Another bag of empty stuff!!

I have already written a post on my empty bottles of stuff and as my mission is continuing I thought that I would make the chuck out posts an on-going thing, almost like a diary of how well I am doing and how much more stuff I can buy. (LOL)

So this weeks bag of empties are:

I've been big on gentle products as my skin has been so sensitive due to all my tablets.
At the beginning of the week I was searching for the most gentle things I had and as you can see from the photo I have used every drop.

I like using bubble bath on a morning so although I was saving my 'Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All' travel size I knew I could trust it to smell nice yet be gentle. It did not disappoint, I could relax yet still smell nice.

Dove Body Wash - my normal every day body wash tends to be ones that smell like soap, so generally Dove or Johnson's.  Now although this is a soapy product they have recently changed the formula so it has extra moisturiser, which I need in bucket loads.

I've been using two different body moisturisers this week. Sanctuary's Kyphi Body Butter for all over day moisture. This body butter is super moisturising which is not surprising as in contains beeswax and lotus and argan oil, infact I used a 150ml tub in just over a week. The smell is very faint but pleasant, vanilla and sandalwood makes it smell gentle. I am beginning to really love Sanctuary products.

The other moisturiser in my bag is one of my all time favourite products,  Elemis Skin Nourishing Hand and Body lotion.
First of all the smell is AMAZING! I use it at night not just because of the nourishment it brings to my skin but the smell also helps me relax. I can't really describe it, I'm not going to list the ingredients on the back as they do not reflect just how fabulous this product is. I've already brought out my second bottle and I won't actually throw the empty bottle away as I am going to cut it open to decant as much of it as I can in to a little pot. 

Soap & Glory Bubble bath £5.10 @ Boots
Get Dove body was for approx £2.49 as cost varies
Sanctuary Kyphi body butter @ Boots
Elemis Nourishing Hand and Body lotion 200ml £22.50 @

Sam xx

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