Sunday, 22 May 2011

Have long glossy hair

Following on from my last post showing my empty bottles I thought I would share with you a new purchase. I can never resist trying new things, I am trying to lower the price of what I am testing but my love of beauty products runs too deep to give up lol

I have tried loads and loads of conditioners for my hair, unlike shampoo where I have to stick to certain ones I can try all conditioners. I have went through the expensive, organic and cheap ones and I believe I have found the ONE. All the others just served a purpose while this one is my favourite that I am never going to be without. What is it?
Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends

This is the only conditioner that I have been able to put all through my hair without build up.
It's easy to rinse out and smells amazing.
As I am growing my hair for the wedding I wanted hair care that was going to help keep it in top condition. This is it, not a salon brand but one that you can pick up with your weekly shop.
I have not been to the hairdressers for about 3 months( I know bad girl!) but you can't tell.
I have no split ends or fly away/unruly hair.
I am hoping they do a treatment version because I will snap that up.

Last word on it is you only need a small amount so it is economical if like me you wash your hair every day.

Sam xx

Average price £3.49 for 400 ml
You can buy in most supermarkets or chemists
*own purchse 

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