Monday, 23 May 2011

Is Science fun?

In the last few posts I have rambled on about products that I have used up, supermarket finds and a product that I really hated. Today I am back to my happy self and blogging about products that I love. If you watch QVC and or have read my blog before you may have heard of the Spa brand Bliss.

You may wonder if those are washing up gloves in the picture but no they are not. They are amazing moisturising gloves. The clever people at Bliss have taken the work out of getting your hands manicure ready.
I love these! Not only do they have a strange jelly lining but they have speed, only taking 20 minutes to work. Once you get these home you get up to 50 uses out of them.
The jelly has olive oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E. I have never had softer hands or less rough cuticles before.
Bliss have also thought ahead and brought out socks that do the same job for your tootsies which is good for hobbit feet like mine!

The bottle of Triple Oxygen Energising mask is a good find.
I have never used a mask like it. When it comes out of the bottle it is a peach gel, nothing unusual there I thought. Well then I rubbed it on my face, I soon learned that you have to be quick getting this on your face because as soon as it touches skin it starts to foam. As soon as it foams up you know that it is working and my Lord did this work.
I always have great fun using Bliss masks because there is always a element of science to them, whether you have to mix them or you see them working before your eyes. By the time it came to washing this mask off my full face was foam (lol).
I used a muslin cloth to gently wipe this mask off. Looking in the mirror my skin did look slightly brighter and a bit more even.
If you are interested in the science bit here it comes (ignore by all means).

  • Delivers oxygen to the skin with innovative fluid 02 technology.
  • Brightens, lightens, tightens with the most active powerful form of vitamin C available.
  • Protects cells from free radical damage with powerful antioxidants.

All I know that it is really fun to use and my skin does look better for using it, so good my H2B has been stealing it!

Both products bring the spa into your home and are fun to use, my advice is give them a go!

Get both @

Gloves £36.80
Mask £39.90 100ml

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