Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Some thing that I don't usually do

It is very rare that I write any thing totally negative but it is also very rare that I come across a product that I...well hate.

Clarins One step facial cleanser. A no rinse cleanser that is meant to cleanse, renew radiance and purify the skin. Now I bought this after previously being happy with a Clarins foaming cleanser. I was after something quick, easy and hard working to clean my face before bed. This had me sold with the ingredients including orange extract and moringa seeds.
Like a toner you use it on a cotton wool  pad, shake the bottle to mix, swipe over the face and then follow with your moisturiser.
I was really excited to use this like I am with all new things but I was so disappointed.
After swiping the cotton wool over my face I was left with a very oily residue on my skin. If you have read my blog before you know that I love oils but this one was awful. My skin felt dirty, clammy and just disgusting. Before I wrote it off totally I tried taking the residue off with toner but still no joy.

I had to wash my face twice and then toned before my skin felt nice and clean. This was not the end of it though, within a day I broke out in spots....not great!

What Clarins state

Quick and effective, a no rinse cleanser that renews radiance thanks to Orange extract which tones and Moringa seeds that purify. Perfect for those in a hurry! This doublephased cleanser gently removes light makeup, impurities and traces of pollution in one easy step. Leaves skin fresh and comfortable.


This is not what I experienced. I used it again the other night just to be sure in case I had not shaken it properly but the same happened.
I think for all it pains me to say this, as it is Clarins, but this is going in my swap box for others to try.

Sam x

Clarins average cost £18.50 for 200ml

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