Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A Oil for a Goddess!!

A 27 year old doing a review on anti-ageing skin care....really? Well yes I am. No I have not got a sign of a wrinkle but whether that is down to good genes, a good skin care obsession or just down to plain old luck I am not sure but I know I am not going to chance any of those going to waste!
Yes I may be starting early but I am jumping on the anti-ageing wagon and slapping some good stuff on my skin.
I find creams a bit too heavy for my skin at the moment(that will be because your under 30 I hear you shout) so I have turned to oils on a night to do the job. I really love oils and whether it's body oil, face oil or indeed one to cleanse with I am not scared. At one time people used to believe that using a oil on your skin would cause spots and grease and all sorts of nasties, well that may be true if you slather on cooking oil but believe it or not oils of today are good for your skin.

I was given the chance to try L'Occitane's Organic Very Precious Regenerating Concentrate, wow what a mouthful!
This concentrate is a oil and is packed with so much goodness you can't not want to massage it on your skin.
Being part of L'Occitane's Immortelle range it has the name sakes essential oil equivalent of 3,000 flowers, this keeps your collagen doing what it's meant to.
FYI it also contains geranium extract, sunflower, borage and evening primrose oil all helping to delay the signs of ageing and keep that bloom to the skin.

Now that is down I can tell you what I like about this oil. After cleansing and toning I massage this oil on my face and down my neck. The smell is amazing and I find it aids relaxation, which helps me sleep better which in turn helps out my skin! I have never really paid attention to my neck and décolleté but the skin looks more even in tone since using this oil. My skin on on my face has evened out a little and the oil does seem to pack a punch when used over night. It is not at all greasy and sinks in quickly.

Would I buy this.... Yes I think I would, saying that this bottle is going to last me for ages!

Get yours @ http://uk.loccitane.com/FO/Organic-Very-Precious-Regenerating-Concentrate,p27CR030I8.htm
£40 30ml
Image of flowers- L'Occitane
other photo's Sam Claxton

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