Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Liz Earle Botanical Essence

A little surprise dropped through my letter box this afternoon.

Ok so it wasn't the full size but a lovely little tester. As a customer of Liz Earle I signed up to the quarterly news letter and my Christmas copy included this little gem.
I do not normally go for botanical smells as I prefer more fruity notes, however I am sold on this.
For the price of £39.50 you get a perfume that smells like it could cost more like £139!
This scent could last right the way through the year. It has notes that will warm your senses in the winter yet it is light enough for spring/ summer. I have never smelt a scent quite like it before.

As you would expect from Liz Earle all the oils in this fragrance are natural and include the following:
Lavender for relaxation, damask rose for that feminine touch and spicy Patchouli.

It is my birthday coming up in a month and this is now at the top of my wish list, fingers crossed.
Try something different, you might be surprised like I was

Find yours at www.lizearle.com

Are you a Geller Girl?

I have had my eye on Laura Geller make up for a while after watching many QVC shows.
Laura always injects fun into her demonstrations and to be honest it was this zest for life that tipped me over and encouraged me to invest in one of her collections.
In the end I went for the On the bright side collection priced at £37.86 from QVC.

Laura is famous for her baked compacts and the first one that comes to mind is her Balance and brighten.
This is included in the collection. I am always concerned with foundation as the fair shades never seem light enough.This foundation has so many shades mixed in that it blended in to my skin tone perfectly and did brighten areas of darkness such as under eye circles.The powders in this line are the softest I have ever felt so if you don't wear foundation because you hate the feeling of something on your skin this should be on your wish list!
There is also the new Banish and brighten concealer included. It comes in a little tube with a metal tip, this is fab to help take down puffy eyes and because the concealer includes light reflecting particles it also erases dark circles too.

The blusher is amazing!It is split in the pan into two formulas with two complimenting shades.One half of the pan is a multi toned blusher colour and that is teamed with a satin paler shade that adds a healthy, subtle sheen to the skin. For a blusher it is also a really great size so will last for ages.
I found that I only had to swirl my brush in the pan once and that was enough to add colour to both cheeks.

The eye shadow supplied also included her famous Rimz, so a two for one really. The eyeshadow is a lovely pink colour... don't worry you won't look like a 80's throw back. It really makes your eyes pop and it never creases. With that on your lids and a small sweep of the sea blue/green Rimz as eye liner there is no mistaking that your eye area does become brighter, made up but in a subtle way.
Finally a sweep of the eye-liner in Bone on the inner corners and water line, opens your eyes further without reaching for that white liner that always looks just that bit too harsh.

The shades available are
Fair (my shade)
Medium (best for olive, tanned skins)
Tan ( Darker skin tones)

For me my first dip into the Laura Geller make up line has been a good one. I will have no hesitation on buying more from her and the next thing on my list has to be her Spackle make up primer.

Give it a go and you might become a Geller girl yourself!!!

Laura Geller products available exclusively in the Uk on www.qvcuk.com

Friday, 15 October 2010

Good hair days

After months and months of putting off getting my hair cut I finally made it to the hairdressers. Although my hairdresser said my hair was in good condition considering the 11 months or so it had been since it was cut, I told her to give it a good chop. I also got a few high lights put through too to pep up my blonde hair for winter.
I didn't want to have to go back in 6 weeks so I was on the look out for products to help keep my hair strong and healthy.
I then got pointed in the direction of  the Phyto range. I always use conditioner but have never really kept to a masque once a week.
Phyto have a great range of hair masques for all types of hair...so it would be rude to say no!
For my hair I chose the Citrus masque.It gives dyed or permed hair the moisture it needs to get the shine back. For coloured hair it keeps the colour brighter for longer and helps restore the health of your hair. Permed hair gets a helping hand to smooth the hair cuticle making your curls more defined and reduces the frizz caused by dryness and processing.
My hair feels stronger after a few weeks of use and the colour has not turned brassy, which is my pet hate!
After I had my highlights I noticed that after washing my hair became so tangled and hard to comb through. I put this product on and after just a few minutes all was well and my hair was smooth, soft and easy to style.

For dry hair Phyto have the Joba masque, the main ingredient in this is Jojoba oil. Know for its intensely moisturising properties.
Phyto have even taken care of people over 30 with the Phytodensium masque.
After 30 hair can become harder to work with and can loose shine and volume. This masque includes extra special ingredients such as Gatuline and this is a age defence property that protects against free radicals and environmental damage.So you can apply anti-aging technology to your hair as well as skin!

All masques are £19.50 each and have a shampoo to go with the masque

You can get yours at selected salons or Selfridges, John Lewis and Boots stores
Or you can call Phyto on 0207 620 1771 for details and mail order

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Take your summer glow into winter

Bliss has helped me no end with my problem skin recently but they also have loads of other kits available for all types of skin.
We all know that when they heating comes on and we hide ourselves under layers of clothes that our skin is not always at it's best.
It's always ok to reach for products for that extra help.

Bliss has a kit that contains oxygen, this puts the va-va-voom back into our complexions.Using these products boosts depleted levels of oxygen in the skin bringing back the glow and repairing the damage done in the winter months.
You have treats for the eyes with a eye mask, a mask taking the treatment on to your face and then a day cream to hydrate, brighten and promote collagen.

Give www.blissworld.co.uk a visit and see what magic they can work on your skin!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Spotty skin? Find your Bliss

Last month I shouted out a plea for help as my skin was a mess! I had enough oil on my T-zone to bottle and sell and my spots were starting to break out again after thinking my spotty days were over.
I tried a much publicised kit from the Alpha H range and was very disappointed and was also left feeling down ,I mean who wants to head into their thirties with nightmare skin?
After much searching I discovered the Steep clean range from Bliss. Having being impressed with the eye pads and body scrub that I had tried before I was looking forward to great results.

The Steep clean range Starts with the Cleanser

I must admit that when I first used this product I was disappointed that it did not foam as I feared that it make it hard to use...I was wrong. Not only does this lotion move around the skin really well but you can tell that it is working and leaves the skin clean but not stripped. I did not feel the need to use toner after this wash/lotion as my skin was perfectly soft, a bonus if you are in a hurry.
The hard working ingredients in this are salicylic acid and enzymes. They are used to brighten and smooth the skin whilst killing spot causing bacteria...thumbs up.
You use this cleanser day and night. After two weeks of use the little break out patch I had on my chin has reduced to one spot and all the redness has gone so I am sure it won't be long until I am totally spot free.

You also get a mask in the range too.
Use this fab mask once a week for a super deep, refreshing clean.
I will never be without this mask! Normally I tend to ignore the instructions and use masks more than recommended as the results don't seem to last that long. With this I stick to what I am told.
Once a week was enough for this mask to work it's magic
After leaving on for 15 mins I swiped it away with a wash cloth and iimmediately I knew my skin glowed. I needed less make up and my skin felt like a months worth of dirt had been scrubbed off.
You can use this mask on most skins although maybe not sensitive but it works best on pimple prone people.
It is unusual as it comes out of the bottle as two separate lotions that you have to mix in your hand until it turns green and then it is blasting on full power. I would of enjoyed chemistry much more if it was like this!

Now although I said that you don't have to tone after using the cleanser and the mask the range does have it's own pot of toner pads. In the description of these pads there is a word that you don't often find on a spot kit, moisturising. If you ever used the industrial strength toners and spot cleansers that are stocked in supermarkets moisturising is not a word that you would think of, acid springs to mind!
Bliss certainly like to pack as much skin helping goodies in every product.
Easy and quick to use these freshen the skin, ensure all cleanser is removed and tops up the spot zapping power.

These are non-stripping and surprisingly moisturising and softening. Another thing that I like about these products is that they smell great, almost fruity so you forget that you are using products for spotty skin.
I prefer to use these pads in the morning as they help along side the moisturiser to soak up that pesky oil.

The final step is as ever moisturiser. This completes the soak up of oil and the good news is the results last.
Just like the toner pads the moisturiser it contains sebum seeking smart-sponge technology. It gives moisture where needed and soaks up oil and makes skin even.
I do sometimes have to re-powder at about tea time but to me that is impressive. This bottle will last ages as one pump is enough to do the job so a good investment. It makes your make up last all day without it sliding off and becoming patchy.

I am enjoying using this range and have had great results and my skin is better than it has been in ages. I won't be swapping for as long as this teenage nightmare lasts.

Cleanser £23
Mask £35
Toner pads £26
moisturiser £35

or you can buy the mask, toner and moisturiser as a triple set for £86 saving £10
Grab yours at www.blissworld.co.uk