Thursday, 20 January 2011

Skin Blast booster

I have been looking for a 'miracle' skincare product for ages! In the past year I have made quite a few discoveries that I will not be letting go of . I discovered the brand Elemis, yes I knew of it before but I had never used one of the products. I have fallen in love with the Frangapani Monoi moisture melt and the Pro-radiance cream cleanser among many, but the product that has made the most differance to my skin in the shortest space of time has to be the Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss capsules .

In all the press releases and magazine articles I have read these are billed as Anti-aging but I did not use them for this reason. I once saw a demonstration of these by a Elemis therapist and as she was explaining the science behind these(I could not repeat even if I wanted to lol) and how they make your skin attack toxins and allow fresh and healthy skin cells make it to the skins surface. I wondered as well as working for anti-aging whether they would actually help with my on going and getting worse case of acne that had been making me ever more self concious.

They are meant to be a boost to skincare and not you buy them in a course for a month. In the two weeks I have been using them boy have they made a difference!!!
The overall appearance of my skin has a clarity that I have not seen in such a long time and the real deal breaker is that for me my spots have all but gone. I am left with a small blemish but hey that can be covered with a small dot of make up.

You use a pink cap in the morning, this to me smells like turkish delight oil and on a night you use a green lavender scented one.
I have found I do not need extra moisturiser but feel free to depend on your own skin type.

I feel nervous that my course is up but I will buy again

get yours from

Price for 30days worth is £ 59.30

Results are based on my experience only

Image supplied by Elemis

A new Liz Earle kid on the block

As I am getting a bit older I am finding that the skin on my body drinks moisturiser up like any thing and I have to be careful with the more indulgent creams as I tend to use 6-10 pumps per use and as you can imagine they don't last very long using them like that.
I often wonder if anyone else has the same issues as I do? Incredibly oily skin on the face and oily hair and then a very thirsty body. I was always told that I never make anything easy lol

Normally Liz Earle's body moisturisers fall into the indulgent cream lists that I use on special occasions but Liz has added a new one to her box of tricks.

This Energising body lotion is Liz's January release and boasts a blend of 19 naturally active ingredients to leave skin soft, smooth and toned.
It is also said that the potion helps to improve skin elasticity.

I have been using this cream for about two weeks, every day. I have found that I only need to use a small about of this instead of the normal tub load.
After squeezing a small amount into my palm I warm the gel like lotion before rubbing it in. A little goes a long way I have found so I am pleased that I have been able to use it every day guilt free.
The look of the tube is undeniably Liz Earle, pale, calming cornflower blue and looks great on my cosmetic table.It has a convenient flip top and is in a slim tube so easy to use when hands are slightly slippy.

When I have used firming creams in the past they always have a strong chemical scent even if they are advertised as natural. This one however has a really lovely smell, yes you can smell all the natural ingredients but with Liz's products you know that they are just that, natural.
It is a mark of a product for me if my FiancĂ©e comments on the smell as we all know men are not that bothered about the smell of our lotions and potions. I rubbed this on in the morning and when I got in to bed that night and every night since Paul has commented on how nice I smelled, and I had no perfume on. So this lotion is a winner for me all round!

£16.50 150mls 

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gloves on

We are always blogging about shower creams/gels and oils but what do you prefer to use to lather your favourite up?
I have never been able to get on with flannels as nothing seems to foam up very well on them and they seem a bit faffy...if that's even a word?
Never really understood how people just use their hands either, it takes quite along time to lather up and is quite difficult in the bath.

I used to like using a shower puffy but could never find one that was harsh enough or didn't fall apart after one wash. I have now found the holy grail(in my opinion) of bath accessories. The bath gloves.
The best thing about these is that they are fast, gel on and scrub frantically in the morning and anything that helps me get out of the bath quicker is a bonus.  They are rather hash but to me that is great because although I love using body scrubs they add another step on to your routine right? So if your anything like me you save it till the weekend, well these gloves are fab at giving a little exfoliation in every wash. So you buff and clean the skin but they also help keeping ingrown hairs at bay if you shave and help your moisturiser sink in as there are hardly any dead skin cells. Bonus huh??

You can buy the gloves at any chemist or supermarket ranging from a pound upwards

It would be great to hear what your favourite thing is whether you like gloves or something else works for you

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Can you skip Chips?

I love wearing Nail polish especially dark/winter shades but for some reason they never seem to last and I always find a chip on the ends by the end of the day. I got a hold of OPI Chip skip and gave it a go to see if I could have the nails that I always wanted.
You paint a coat on under your chosen polish, it can be any brand, and the Chip skip prepares your nails and helps the polish adhere to your nails better...or does it?
The chip skip removes all the oils off the nail and gives a fresh start. I went through all the steps of painting two coats on the nails and following with a top coat.
My polish lasted till the following morning without chipping lol I am not really that heavy handed and I was not doing any typing so I am not sure what my problem is! Maybe I should just chill out and expect the odd chip. For now I only paint my fingernails on special occasions and I take the polish off after two days.

Let me know if any of you have given it a go and got better results then me.


Saturday, 8 January 2011


Why is it that you always want what you don't have? My greasy hair has been the bane of my life, at 27 I am sure that it is worse than when I was 17. I wash my hair in the morning with Clarifying shampoo and by the time bed time is here I am back to square one!

I have always had hair envy of those girls who can get up in the morning run a brush through their hair and they are ready. I know a few people like this, ones who can tie hair up with out a comb and it looks like it has been 'done'
After talking to a good friend on New years Eve...yes my beauty interest never leaves. She is one of those people that I was jealous of, or so I though. Yes she said she can go days without having to wash her hair but nothing makes her hair silky. I could not believe it when she said that she rubbed pure coconut oil through her hair roots to tip and within an hour it was gone...sucked up by her hair. Yes she smells like holidays but she would like to have hair that she could wash every day. Odd I know.

Does anyone out there have a secret that they are keeping for either of us?
Other than dry shampoo(does not work for me) for greasy hair or something that would turn my friends hair into the silky tresses that she desires.

It would be great for people to get in touch !


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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Body lotion that enriches more than just your skin!

I am a bit worried about how much I love the Elemis Nourishing hand and body lotion. Yes it is true I have started a bit of a love affair with Elemis but this body lotion is amazing.
It is a nice, thick lotion but does not take ages to sink in. It leaves no rough patches on your all, even your heels. Your skin will love you if you slather this lotion on.
The smell is amazing I actually made a hmmmmm noise when I smelt it and on the days that I use it I wear no perfume...Infact I wish they made it into a perfume lol! I hope some one from Elemis reads my pleads!

I was luck enough to receive it for Christmas but now I won't be able to be without it! I am only using it a few times a week or when I need cheering up at the moment. Once I stock up though I will be using it every day. It is bliss in a bottle.
This super size was actually in a gift set and I will be writing posts on each of the items in the bag as there is not a bad one in there.
This lotion will certainly be going in my hospital bag as it is the perfect soother to both body and soul.

Visit Elemis at
Treat yourself to this and you will not regret it!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Melt away the day with Elemis

Elemis have recently launched a new cleanser called Melting cleansing Gel.
It's like nothing that I have ever used before. I used to like to use nothing but foaming washes as felt these were the only things that got my skin clean. I have since retrained my mind and fell in love with cream cleansers such as Liz Earle's cleanse and polish and of course Pro-radiance but this was a whole new duel phase texture to get my head around.
The first thing that you notice is the smell, to me it smells like chocolate orange not too strong but definitely there. I like the smell, there may be some that don't but the results that you get will out weigh it if you don't
The gel comes out the tube as a silky ,cloudy gel. You massage it on your face whilst your face is dry. Now this is the first step that took me a little bit of time to get used to. It feels like hard work at first but if you keep massaging it round the gel almost becomes the texture of oil. You can use this texture to give your face a great massage and get some drainage working.
I preferred to give a quick massage with wet fingers and this turned the 'oil' to a milk, the more water added the more milky the cleanser got.

Once rinsed my face felt really clean but soft. I found the cleanser best to use at night and even better when I had been wearing make up. It really gets rid of all traces of make up with out having to scrub, This was excellent in the early hours of New years day lol  I allowed my self a night off from the strong painkillers and substituted them with rum and coke so after a while my back pain was gone but it also meant any sort of face regime became slightly tougher lol The gel did the job and removed all foundation and blusher. If you have eye make up on though remove with separate eye make-up remover as the melting Gel is not for use on the eye area.

At the point of writing this post the Melting cleanser gel is not available other than on QVC in kits , the good news is it is available from Febuary 2011 RRP £19.50

View this and all Elemis products

A smooth start to 2011

I wanted to start the New year off with a bit of oomph in my Skincare.
As I mentioned in the previous post I have my Elemis Pro-radiance cleanser on order...and I am still waiting. However I also wanted to introduce a new exfoliator too.
Clinique have managed to come up with an ingenious exfoliator/mask called Turnaround Instant facial.

It has been doing wonders for my skin. I have been cheating though as I have been using it for the past two weeks. When you first apply it to your skin you do want to keep massaging it in as you can feel the little grains in the product smoothing out the skin. You leave a layer on your face, and neck if you wish for around 5 minutes and then massage. The mask side of the product seems to suck all the dirt out of your skin and then the grains get rid of rough bumpy bits. It works as a more gentle alternative to microdermabrasion.
I was left with silky soft skin. I am suffering from a break out though so I cannot say that my skin is bump free but the product did not irritate my spots or indeed spread them around which some harsher products can do.
I will certainly be keeping this up and using it 1/2 times a week.

If you are suffering from skin that is looking like you are still partying the nights away like Christmas, this might just be what you need to bring you in to 2011

Priced at £30 you can find this at all good Clinique stockists

Monday, 3 January 2011

Frustration is setting in!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I have started the New year with an increased level of frustration... no not of that kind you dirty lot!
I made the mistake of ordering some new skincare right in the middle of the Christmas/New year holiday and it feels like it is taking it's good ol time getting here.

After getting an Elemis gift set for Christmas my addiction to Elemis was confirmed so I went on the search to add more to my collection.
Sticking to my bottom of the jar post I ordered some more of the fabulous Pro-Radiance cleanser along with a brand new pair of mitts, My skin has just not been the same without it and restocking became a craving. I then went a bit mad!! My defence was that I have not actually over indulged on party food over the festive period so I overindulged in Elemis!

So now I am awaiting my cleanser along with a toner, Skin bliss capsules a exfoliator and a mask! 
It was a bargin I tells you lol

I will keep you updated!