Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A-list skin

Do you get Celebrity skin when you use 'cult' skincare? I was soon to find out when I was given the chance to try Rodial Glamtox Cleanser.
In quite a lot of magazine features, when asked what skincare secret an actress or singer has I have often read the reply that this cleanser is the bee's knees. At £48 a throw I expected some pretty hefty results.
After trying it in the morning and the evening I felt it suited my skin as part of my night time routine as the product is quite rich and I personally felt more benefit overnight.
It is a balm cleanser so don't expect a foam or any shift in texture as it hits the skin. The texture does however allow you major massage time so if your New year resolution is to take more time with your skin this balm is a good place to start.
It is a great cleanser if you have skin that cries out for moisture and finds cleansers that need water very stripping.
I found that the balm is fantastic for removing make up and it gets pores clean and fresh. I remove the balm with cleansing mitts but if you use Muslin cloths or indeed flannels these would be just fine too
I have seen some results with this cleanser, so far my skin looks clearer come morning and I do not seem to use as much moisturiser than usual. I did feel a bit posh using this and my bathroom certainly looks the part with the silver bottle adorning my sink.
For oily skin I would not really reach for this cleanser first as you won't get the full benefits this technology filled golden balm has to offer.
Girls out there who have dry, parched and/or aging skin this balm would be perfect for you!

If you have age spots or pigmentation problems and you like cult brands this is worth a look.

I will continue using this cleanser and become a part of it's cult following.

Find yours at


Saturday, 11 December 2010

Bottom of the Jar!

I thought that I would start writing updates on how I am getting on with stuff that I review on here.
We all have cupboards filled with lotions and potions that we have bought, used half of and then went on to the next thing that has caught our eye...if you don't do this than more power to you but I am notoriously bad for it!
There is a rare occasion however that I buy a product , love it and then buy it again. Yes I may not stay faithful to it but I will always dip back into it time to time.

So I am going to try and keep on top of these ' bottom of the jar updates' for the sake of blogging and space too :-)

Today I ran out of my Elemis Pro Radiance cream cleanser... sigh. I didn't think the day was going to come but alas it crept up on me like a Westlife Christmas song!
I have been using this cream cleanser religiously since I first got it along with the mitt.
To be totally honest I am still suffering from spots, I would even go as far to say Acne, but even so with this cleanser my skin does not get angry,red and irritated after I have used it. The rest of my face is clearer too. Whilst using it I have also found that I need to ex-foliate less. The mitt makes you feel like you have given your skin such a good cleanse that I don't feel the need and my skin is looking better for it.

I would recommend keeping it out of the way of the men as it seems too much of a temptation for them.
Better still if you manage to get your mitts(sorry) on a double set let him have one. Less ingrown hairs and a smoother face to snuggle...if you are in to that sort of thing.

Would I buy again?  Without a shadow of a doubt!
Unfortunately I am going to have to wait until after Christmas unless any of Santa's helpers are reading this.
Until then hmmmm

Pro Radiance cleanser is available within Christmas gift sets(hint...hint)
or @

image credited to sas Lockey

Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Christmas Philosophy


Well we are now 16 sleeps from Christmas. If you are anything like me you will have most people sorted but there are a few people that are so hard to buy for that you have put it off to the last minute and now there is a bit of panicking going on.
Chill people! Easy in this weather I know lol I actually meant that I have found a few products that may just be your saviour and there is still time to order them.
If you are looking for a cheeky, quirky but still a high quality gift look no further than Philosophy!
Turn your head this way and you will find things that people love, will do them good and they will not blame you for those extra pounds in the New year.

glow and behold I have heard some one from Philosophy say that they try and make their gift products 'Bow and Go' and I think they have managed it with this one. Why on earth would you want to put wrapping over this beautiful Christmassy box?
Any way back to the product... The lucky person in your life who you decide to give this to will be getting a massive 16floz of Golden, citrus smelling body wash,bubble bath and even hair wash.
The warm golden gel smells like oranges. The cool thing is its a deep, warm and relaxing smell rather than the sharp and refreshing smell that you would find in gels for the summer months. On looking at the bottle I just want to light a load of candles in the bathroom, run this under hot water and lie, submerged in the bath till Christmas eve is here. Why not be naughty and buy one for yourself?... I won't tell Santa

If you have friends out there that you buy for as a couple why not try and get them in a romantic mood for the Christmas season and buy them a bath and body product as a joint gift?
I think that this box looks really cute!
Once you lift the roof off and open the doors of this little house you will find two 8floz bottles of Bath and shower gel. One is a slightly shimmering, lightly spiced yet fresh bottle called Gingerbread Girl and the other is a more masculine smelling, little heavier on the ginger Gingerbread man.
These smell so cosy! As most of the country has been hit by true Christmas weather of late this set should bring forth the need for pampering.
You can of course use them as shower/bath gel. They are so moisturising and you get a load of soft cocooning bubbles on your shower puff.Needless to say you feel clean and relaxed after use.
Here is an idea though, if you or your friends are spending Christmas as a couple this year why not start Christmas eve off with a deep filled bath filled with Spicy smelling share. You may even be lucky enough to use the other set on Christmas day.
Great as a gift or to keep for yourself.

You can get The Gingerbread house set for £16.50 at
The Glow and go set retail for between £13 and £15 website details to follow

Friday, 3 December 2010

Make a date with

Everybody marks the beginning of December with a advent calendar. For some reason the small square of chocolate that we get adds excitement to the run up to Christmas and transports us back to childhood. I have been pointed in the direction of a calendar more befitting to my addiction...Cosmetics have put their heads together and have come up with a calendar fit for any beauty junkie, best of all you won't put on an ounce. Every day right up to the 21st of December they are offering a free gift when you make a purchase from one their top beauty brands. The gifts are certainly worth having so if you are doing your Christmas shopping you get a guilt free treat for yourself  as well as a gift for a loved one, but if you end up keeping both I won't tell anyone!

So far the free gifts have included a hair product, facial moisturiser and self tan. All the help you need for the party season.

A little extra information on the site if you have never come across it before. stocks many high end and cult brands that may not be widely available in shops within your area. You are taken care for top to toe and best of all you get to learn about brands that you may not of heard of. Take a peek and you may discover a new must have.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My wish list for Santa

Dear Santa,

This year I have been a very good girl, I am in need of a bit of pampering so pretty please I would be really happy to find something off my wish list under the tree on Christmas morning.

Sam x

Ps, I will leave extra whiskey for you lol

1, Elemis have some really gorgeous gift sets this year that I would love to open. So if you can find Elemis Exotic Spa secrets I would be really happy.
It is a fabulous set with the iconic Milk bath, Frangipani Monoi moisture melt and the matching shower gel... and all for under £50!

2. Liz Earle Face and body essentials. A great set with three full size core range products and two generous sized body products.
Cleanse and polish with the muslin cloths speak for themselves as a staple of a cleansing routine. Skin boost skin tonic to add some sparkle to post Christmas skin and then a moisturiser in your skin type.
Orange flower Botanical body wash for every day use and the body cream to keep me smelling sweet...£40.25

3, Soap and Glory (I kneel down before you) Spa rush! shower!
      You get a gorgeous bag with scrub mitts and 3 fab products
      Sweets, fruity I foam shower gel, Butter up body butter in a
       tube and Sugar crush body scrub.All my favourites...£25

Buy yours at

and  and Soap and Glory is on 3 for 2


Monday, 29 November 2010

Strawberry fudge, as sweet as it sounds

At Christmas make up and perfume sets get thrown at us like snowballs! Many we dodge because we do not want to sport as much glitter as a Christmas tree, but now and again one comes along that is wearable both for the office and that Christmas date.
The last time that I tried Clinique make up I fell in love with their Mascara and Lip smoothie so I was really excited to be given the chance to try the Holiday 2010 collection.
They have put together a collection that has something for everyone in it. If you love to play up your lips You have lip liner in Plush pink. I wore this on my birthday and found it great! I filled in my lips with the pencil and found that it lasted the night, even after drinking glass after glass of Champagne...ooops. My lip pencil lasted longer than it took me to get rather merry lol. You can either wear it as a matte colour or slick a gloss over  it. Go for either a plain gloss to keep the colour as it is or if you are like me, someone who likes to stay true to a collection try the Christmas Strawberry Bliss lip smoothie... My collection of these are building!

For girls who are all about eyes and lashes try High length mascara in black for that defining look. I was a bit scared when I opened this tube as I was expecting a brush but actually got a eye shaped comb type wand. I gave it a go with the hope that it would leave my quite long lashes clump free.
I am not going to lie, it took a few goes to get this right, more to do with my confidence than the product. It separated my lashes with no problem or clumps and I managed to get right to the root so it looked like I had liner on!

Every collection would not be complete with out a limited addition and the star of this collection is the Strawberry Fudge holiday compact. This looks so posh that I found myself polishing the compact not wanting to get smudges on it lol You get a lovely blusher that looks quite flat/matt in the pan but it actually gives a lovely sateen flush to the cheeks, and it is goof proof as you can't really buff on too much so no fear of looking like a clown. Three eyeshadows line the top of the compact, a pale neutral pink that I loved. I am normally scared of pink eye shadow as I remember watching my Mam putting on 80's style pink shadow with sparkly blue in the corners and this scarred me for life(sorry Mam)but this is really nice lightly brushed over the lid.You can leave it there for a natural work look with a bit of eye liner and mascara or you do have two more colours to play with. A bronzed pink that looks nice lining the bottom lashes and defining the outer corners and a lovely grey that can be washed over for a light hint of grey or to vamp up the eyes for after work Christmas parties.
Over all this compact will get you looks of envy when you pull it out of your bag and is easy to take with you as you get a travel blusher brush and eye double ended applicator.

Treat yourself or add to your list for Santa as I am sure you have been a good girl all year!

You (or Santa) can find Clinique in any major Chemists or department stores

The limited addition Strawberry fudge compact RRP £25
Vitamin C Smoothie in Strawberry Bliss RRP £13.50
Defining liner for lips in Plush Pink RRP £12.50
and finally
High Length Mascara in Black RRP £14.50

Monday, 22 November 2010

Relax before Christmas with L'Occitane

If you are looking for something indulgent for friends or family or even a sneaky treat for yourself look no further than L'Occitane!
They have brought out lots of fantastic gift sets for Christmas to tempt our pampering side.
I became a very lucky girl when the postman brought L'Occitane's Romantic Rose collection to my door.
What a fantastic collection, it has everything you need for a pamper session on your own or take inspiration from the name and share it with your partner.

You get the most gorgeous Rose scented candle that fills the room with a lovely glow and a relaxing rose scent that sticks around for ages. You would not think rose would be a relaxing fragrance but I soon found myself drifting away and dreaming of a holiday. 
After running a bath and lighting the candle you can reach for the shower gel. You get a generous 75ml. I added a little bit to the bath water as well as used it as a cleansing gel to completely envelope me in the smell.
You feel lovely and clean afterwards and even if you did not follow with any of the other products the rose smell would linger lightly on the skin.
If you prefer washing with a soap you are taken care of as there is a big 50g bar included.

If you prefer to have a bathing routine L'Occitane include a body lotion to follow to keep skin silky and hydrated. My skin has never felt softer than after using this set.

To take with you on the move there is a Rose scented gel formulation of the hand cream, it sinks in within seconds so no slippy hands.
The top dog in this set is the bottle of Rose 4 Reines Eau de Toilette. It is a massive size to give as a gift. The smell is really sophisticated but still fresh so you could give it to a girl of any age or keep it for yourself (shh I won't tell anyone)
Romantic Rose Collection So for a big piece of luxury for under £50 turn to L'Occitane and they will do all the work for you and you know you will be giving something amazing for Christmas!

Get yours at

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Dr does house calls!!

For a week or two I have had a very stubborn lump on my chin. I have tried everything to get rid of it to no avail. The other day I popped in to Boots to kill some time before an appointment and headed straight to my favourite Soap and Glory stand. It was my lucky day as they had an offer on so I bought some Off your face skin wipes and Dr Spot.

I thought that I would give this a go although to be honest I did not hold out much hope and I was sure that my bump would grow ready for Halloween!
I cleansed my skin and dabbed this clear gel over all my blemishes. When I looked in the mirror the next morning the bump under my skin had reduced by half!! There was still a bit of redness there but the painful lump was going.
I have used it twice a day since and the lumpy bumpy has almost gone... just in time for my birthday too!
This will now certainly be my go to spot treatment from now on and I can not recommend it enough.
S&G have done it again! I am forever a fan.
A little bit of science and ingredient info, Dr Spot contains Salicylic acid to get rid of dead skin and reduces inflammation deep down,Witch Hazel our old spot fighting friend and loads of Vitamins to treat your skin and not just dry it out.

Get yours from Boots stores for £7 ( three for two at the moment)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Liz Earle Botanical Essence

A little surprise dropped through my letter box this afternoon.

Ok so it wasn't the full size but a lovely little tester. As a customer of Liz Earle I signed up to the quarterly news letter and my Christmas copy included this little gem.
I do not normally go for botanical smells as I prefer more fruity notes, however I am sold on this.
For the price of £39.50 you get a perfume that smells like it could cost more like £139!
This scent could last right the way through the year. It has notes that will warm your senses in the winter yet it is light enough for spring/ summer. I have never smelt a scent quite like it before.

As you would expect from Liz Earle all the oils in this fragrance are natural and include the following:
Lavender for relaxation, damask rose for that feminine touch and spicy Patchouli.

It is my birthday coming up in a month and this is now at the top of my wish list, fingers crossed.
Try something different, you might be surprised like I was

Find yours at

Are you a Geller Girl?

I have had my eye on Laura Geller make up for a while after watching many QVC shows.
Laura always injects fun into her demonstrations and to be honest it was this zest for life that tipped me over and encouraged me to invest in one of her collections.
In the end I went for the On the bright side collection priced at £37.86 from QVC.

Laura is famous for her baked compacts and the first one that comes to mind is her Balance and brighten.
This is included in the collection. I am always concerned with foundation as the fair shades never seem light enough.This foundation has so many shades mixed in that it blended in to my skin tone perfectly and did brighten areas of darkness such as under eye circles.The powders in this line are the softest I have ever felt so if you don't wear foundation because you hate the feeling of something on your skin this should be on your wish list!
There is also the new Banish and brighten concealer included. It comes in a little tube with a metal tip, this is fab to help take down puffy eyes and because the concealer includes light reflecting particles it also erases dark circles too.

The blusher is amazing!It is split in the pan into two formulas with two complimenting shades.One half of the pan is a multi toned blusher colour and that is teamed with a satin paler shade that adds a healthy, subtle sheen to the skin. For a blusher it is also a really great size so will last for ages.
I found that I only had to swirl my brush in the pan once and that was enough to add colour to both cheeks.

The eye shadow supplied also included her famous Rimz, so a two for one really. The eyeshadow is a lovely pink colour... don't worry you won't look like a 80's throw back. It really makes your eyes pop and it never creases. With that on your lids and a small sweep of the sea blue/green Rimz as eye liner there is no mistaking that your eye area does become brighter, made up but in a subtle way.
Finally a sweep of the eye-liner in Bone on the inner corners and water line, opens your eyes further without reaching for that white liner that always looks just that bit too harsh.

The shades available are
Fair (my shade)
Medium (best for olive, tanned skins)
Tan ( Darker skin tones)

For me my first dip into the Laura Geller make up line has been a good one. I will have no hesitation on buying more from her and the next thing on my list has to be her Spackle make up primer.

Give it a go and you might become a Geller girl yourself!!!

Laura Geller products available exclusively in the Uk on

Friday, 15 October 2010

Good hair days

After months and months of putting off getting my hair cut I finally made it to the hairdressers. Although my hairdresser said my hair was in good condition considering the 11 months or so it had been since it was cut, I told her to give it a good chop. I also got a few high lights put through too to pep up my blonde hair for winter.
I didn't want to have to go back in 6 weeks so I was on the look out for products to help keep my hair strong and healthy.
I then got pointed in the direction of  the Phyto range. I always use conditioner but have never really kept to a masque once a week.
Phyto have a great range of hair masques for all types of it would be rude to say no!
For my hair I chose the Citrus masque.It gives dyed or permed hair the moisture it needs to get the shine back. For coloured hair it keeps the colour brighter for longer and helps restore the health of your hair. Permed hair gets a helping hand to smooth the hair cuticle making your curls more defined and reduces the frizz caused by dryness and processing.
My hair feels stronger after a few weeks of use and the colour has not turned brassy, which is my pet hate!
After I had my highlights I noticed that after washing my hair became so tangled and hard to comb through. I put this product on and after just a few minutes all was well and my hair was smooth, soft and easy to style.

For dry hair Phyto have the Joba masque, the main ingredient in this is Jojoba oil. Know for its intensely moisturising properties.
Phyto have even taken care of people over 30 with the Phytodensium masque.
After 30 hair can become harder to work with and can loose shine and volume. This masque includes extra special ingredients such as Gatuline and this is a age defence property that protects against free radicals and environmental damage.So you can apply anti-aging technology to your hair as well as skin!

All masques are £19.50 each and have a shampoo to go with the masque

You can get yours at selected salons or Selfridges, John Lewis and Boots stores
Or you can call Phyto on 0207 620 1771 for details and mail order

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Take your summer glow into winter

Bliss has helped me no end with my problem skin recently but they also have loads of other kits available for all types of skin.
We all know that when they heating comes on and we hide ourselves under layers of clothes that our skin is not always at it's best.
It's always ok to reach for products for that extra help.

Bliss has a kit that contains oxygen, this puts the va-va-voom back into our complexions.Using these products boosts depleted levels of oxygen in the skin bringing back the glow and repairing the damage done in the winter months.
You have treats for the eyes with a eye mask, a mask taking the treatment on to your face and then a day cream to hydrate, brighten and promote collagen.

Give a visit and see what magic they can work on your skin!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Spotty skin? Find your Bliss

Last month I shouted out a plea for help as my skin was a mess! I had enough oil on my T-zone to bottle and sell and my spots were starting to break out again after thinking my spotty days were over.
I tried a much publicised kit from the Alpha H range and was very disappointed and was also left feeling down ,I mean who wants to head into their thirties with nightmare skin?
After much searching I discovered the Steep clean range from Bliss. Having being impressed with the eye pads and body scrub that I had tried before I was looking forward to great results.

The Steep clean range Starts with the Cleanser

I must admit that when I first used this product I was disappointed that it did not foam as I feared that it make it hard to use...I was wrong. Not only does this lotion move around the skin really well but you can tell that it is working and leaves the skin clean but not stripped. I did not feel the need to use toner after this wash/lotion as my skin was perfectly soft, a bonus if you are in a hurry.
The hard working ingredients in this are salicylic acid and enzymes. They are used to brighten and smooth the skin whilst killing spot causing bacteria...thumbs up.
You use this cleanser day and night. After two weeks of use the little break out patch I had on my chin has reduced to one spot and all the redness has gone so I am sure it won't be long until I am totally spot free.

You also get a mask in the range too.
Use this fab mask once a week for a super deep, refreshing clean.
I will never be without this mask! Normally I tend to ignore the instructions and use masks more than recommended as the results don't seem to last that long. With this I stick to what I am told.
Once a week was enough for this mask to work it's magic
After leaving on for 15 mins I swiped it away with a wash cloth and iimmediately I knew my skin glowed. I needed less make up and my skin felt like a months worth of dirt had been scrubbed off.
You can use this mask on most skins although maybe not sensitive but it works best on pimple prone people.
It is unusual as it comes out of the bottle as two separate lotions that you have to mix in your hand until it turns green and then it is blasting on full power. I would of enjoyed chemistry much more if it was like this!

Now although I said that you don't have to tone after using the cleanser and the mask the range does have it's own pot of toner pads. In the description of these pads there is a word that you don't often find on a spot kit, moisturising. If you ever used the industrial strength toners and spot cleansers that are stocked in supermarkets moisturising is not a word that you would think of, acid springs to mind!
Bliss certainly like to pack as much skin helping goodies in every product.
Easy and quick to use these freshen the skin, ensure all cleanser is removed and tops up the spot zapping power.

These are non-stripping and surprisingly moisturising and softening. Another thing that I like about these products is that they smell great, almost fruity so you forget that you are using products for spotty skin.
I prefer to use these pads in the morning as they help along side the moisturiser to soak up that pesky oil.

The final step is as ever moisturiser. This completes the soak up of oil and the good news is the results last.
Just like the toner pads the moisturiser it contains sebum seeking smart-sponge technology. It gives moisture where needed and soaks up oil and makes skin even.
I do sometimes have to re-powder at about tea time but to me that is impressive. This bottle will last ages as one pump is enough to do the job so a good investment. It makes your make up last all day without it sliding off and becoming patchy.

I am enjoying using this range and have had great results and my skin is better than it has been in ages. I won't be swapping for as long as this teenage nightmare lasts.

Cleanser £23
Mask £35
Toner pads £26
moisturiser £35

or you can buy the mask, toner and moisturiser as a triple set for £86 saving £10
Grab yours at

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Alpha H gets a big fat 0 from me!!

My skin has been very unpredictable recently. Thinking that I had my skin under control lead me into a false sense of security and then when I was least expecting it the attack of the grease came back with a vengeance!
I have never had dry skin but over the last few months I finally thought that I had the grease under control infact even my hair had become less greasy so I was happy at getting older as I thought this had been the remedy.
I am not sure if it all the medication that I have been on or as silly as it sounds my new dip into healthy eating.
After watching demonstrations on tv I was lured in to trying a Australian brand called Alpha H.
I thought I might as well try the full routine so I bought the Clear skin kit @£39.95.
I knew what the products looked like so I was not disappointed with the very plain bottles that arrived although I do wish that they put a little thought in to the design so you feel you have bought a little bit of luxury. 

I had read quite a few reviews before buying this kit and the positives seemed to out weigh the negative reviews so I thought it would be worth the money...I was wrong.
The triple action cleanser was my first disappointment. Completely non-foaming it is like just using water on your face, you can not tell that you are washing your face at all and to be honest after rinsing my face felt no cleaner and to me that is a huge let down. I like to at least feel something move on my skin so I feel some kind of purpose of going through the step other wise why not just use soap?
You have to work all the products in to your routine as there is also a scrub and two masks.
To be honest the rest of the products were ok and not such a let down, infact I do quite like the scrub that comes with the kit.
Micro cleanse is the scrub that is included and does make your skin tingle a bit but I like that and I think it does the job of the cleanser as my skin did feel clean and smoother after use.You use this scrub every other day which I wish was every day.
You then have the purifying mask and in my kit came the liquid gold mask although that is not what is advertised.
I use each mask once a week. After cleansing my face-often with a different cleanser- I smooth on one of these masks and leave on for ten minutes whilst I get washed.
I tone with my own toner after rinsing as I do not like skipping this step. After that I use the balancing moisturiser that also exfoliates.
To me this is just a run of the mill moisturiser and after using this kit for two weeks I have not noticed any difference to my skin, the oil slick is still there over my T zone.

All these products smell artificial and I can't say I will buy any thing else from Alpha H. I am disappointed as I really thought this kit may help but it has been a waste of money when really I feel that the only product worth using is the micro cleanse but I am sure there are better out there!

It pains me to say it but I would say don't waste your money on this kit, does nothing for your skin and does not even look nice in your bathroom.

If you do want to have a look at Alpha H you can find stock on

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Getting fruity!

Having never really bought high end shower gels because I tend to get through bottles and bottles of the stuff , I never thought them to be worth the money for me. I was then given some shower gel and body lotion to try from Philosophy. I have used Philosophy products before and they fast became favourites especially Purity cleanser.The shower gel I have been getting fresh with is a new addition to the range and has the fruity name of Wild Blackberry Blossom.
This violet coloured gel smells gorgeous! The smell is very fruity but it is so much more grown up than that! More like a perfume it has top, middle and base notes. To say that this smells like ripe, juicy blackberries is a given really, but it also has a warming smell-I can't really put my finger on but I think it may be Liquorish. I have been using it as a bubble bath and a body wash and the great thing is you only have to use a very small amount for both. The amount of bubbles you get with this is amazing, you would have to pour out half a bottle of supermarket gel to get the same amount.If it takes your fancy you can layer it and use it as a shampoo as well.

My bottle of this is still very full even though I use it every day so It is value for money and now I have been eyeing up the other versions and will be starting a collection!

Body cream
I never skip putting on body lotion so I like to have a few to choose from. I have been using another Philosophy lotion in Pure Grace as it keeps you smelling clean all day and I also have the perfume.
This time it was a fruity lotion- Raspberries and cream. Yes it smells as good as it sounds, infact I bet if you put some in a bowl people would eat it!
This is a creamy lotion that I found sank in to my skin in seconds so no waiting around for it to dry. The smell lasts all day but never mingles with my perfume. I also love how soft my skin feels all day

The good news is it comes in a shower gel too! My wish list is growing by the second lol
These products from Philosophy certainly gave me my beauty junkie fix.

Get yours @ and and in good department stores
products start at £13

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Exciting news in Sheffield!

I received some exciting news a few weeks ago. One of my favourite brands L'occitane opened a boutique in Medowhall, Sheffield.
Safe to say this could be quite dangerous for my bank balance!

It was a exciting opening day as Medowhall was busy with people who lined up to see and smell the new boutique and also the special guest in the shape of Simon Webbe from Blue who was the guy L'Occitane chose to cut the ribbon.
Those who were lucky enough to be in the line got the chance to browse the gorgeous products and also grab a autograph from the man himself. I have been told that Simon is a big fan of the brand so jumped at the chance to peruse the new store, I am sure he would not of be able to help leaving with a few bags of goodies!

I can't wait to visit the boutique my self but I am saving up first as I know once I am in there no one will stop me from filling my basket!

A lucky fan getting her goodies and a autograph from Simon!

Simon cutting the ribbon

Sam x

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Go Fishing!!!!

My hair has been looking pretty rubbish of late, I have not been able to get to the hair dressers in months so my hair is in need of some TLC.
Any hair style I had has grown out and the ends are really raggy.
Although I have just been letting my hair dry naturally when I do reach for the dryer and straighteners my hair needs a bit of a hand.
There are many hair care brands out there and I have tried most of them to be honest, but I had never really looked at Fish as I had only really seen the Mens hair gum and wax ect.

I was given some of the best loved products to see if they would help with my hair and I actually really love them!

 All the Fish products remind me of holidays because they have a faint smell of coconut, it's not over whelming but it does leave a lovely faint smell on your hair and it's a lot better then some of the hair products out there that smell of nothing but chemicals!My hair is naturally really oily at the roots so I have to wash it every day. I use conditioner every time but the ends have become spilt therefore making my hair look dry and dull.
The first product that I chose to try out on my hair was the Sleek Fish high gloss serum .After towel drying my hair I applied one pump worth of product through my hair from the mid lengths. Even after just drying my hair I noticed that the spilt ends had been smoothed down and had a softer feel. After using this serum I have been able to wear my hair down without worries and have had compliments about how healthy it looks.

After falling for the serum I was happy that I had more products to try so I moved on to the Swish Fish silky smooth cream.
As I have been using the serum during drying I decided to put this product to work on naturally drying hair.
The products contains vitamins and strengthening proteins so helps restore damaged hair. After towel drying hair I have been smoothing some of the cream through the ends of my hair and then just putting it up in a bun.
Hair is not as bushy as before and less conditioner is needed.

For those of you that rock the straight and glossy look reach for Hot Fish straightening mist.
It protects your hair from the intense heat of the irons and stops your hair from getting fried.
For a healther look mist this over first

My final favourite and the product that I carry in my bag is Fresh fish Dry shampoo.
Again the faint smell of coconut is there so hair smells fresh and just washed. The product is not too powdery so I don't feel like I have tipped talc all over my head and it does not dull your hair either. I have used the cult dry shampoo brand out there but always thought the smell was awful but now I have this I won't go back!

I rate Fish as the hair product of the month! If you have used this brand please lest us know what you thought.

Catch your Fish products at Boots stores or online and also @
Serum £4.99
Smoothing cream £3.99
dry shampoo £3.49
staightening mist £3.99

Sunday, 29 August 2010

A bath product with a double life!!

After watching endless hours of demonstrations of this milk bath I could not wait to try it as all of the reviews I had read and seen were top scores.
After I received the bottle of the milk bath I hid it away from my other half as he always uses my bath products and does not know the meaning of  a cap full and uses the whole bottle lol.
One morning after he went to work I broke out the bottle and ran myself a lovely hot bath. This milk bath turns the water exactly that... milky. So if you're looking for bubbles I wouldn't look here.
As you step into the bath you feel like Cleopatra immersing yourself into a bath of milk, except this smells nice and you don't smell like a dairy farm.
As you have read in my previous posts I do love my shower gels, but this time I was inspired by the moisturising milk theme and used a milk based soap to wash with.
After I got out of the bath and got dried I didn't feel the need to reach for the body oil as my skin was soft and smooth.
This product is well renowned for being excellent for people with dry skin conditions including eczema, as the ingredients include both milk proteins and oat extracts.
The unusual thing about this bath product is that you can use it as a body lotion on those dry patches. So to fully test the milk out I rubbed it in to the usual rough suspects, knees, feet and elbows. I must say that they were as moisturised as everywhere else for the rest of the day.
Researching it a bit further you can also rub this gorgeous milk on your bump if you are expecting, so you keep those stretch marks at bay - a little bit of luxury when your body is working it's hardest. I would definitely put this on my wish list if I was pregnant!
I'd definately recommend that if using it neat you use it over alternate days, as the amount of  hydration it gives lasts 48 hours.
A last little tip after finding multiple uses for this is, if you are going away overnight or indeed you break out in rough stress patches on your face you can use this as a cleanser. I'd wipe it off with a mitt or cotton pad then rinse thoroughly with warm water followed by a gentle toner.
Ideal if you are going on a short trip as you have so many uses but within a high class brand rather than those you find in the showers of hotels.Use this after a flight to get your glow back after one bath.

Find it online @ or at or in Elemis stockists from £39 for 400ml.

Tri-Enzyme Facial Wash

Elemis Tri-enzyme facial wash is where all the action starts in terms of a skin care when you are looking for a smoother and brighter complexion.
It is a daily face wash that stimulates the skins natural cell renewal system. Without using harsh grains or chemicals this wash gets rid of the dull, dead skin that sits on top of your face making it look dull and gray.
This wash is perfect if when you put your make up on you are seeing areas where foundation is not blending in and going patchy, not a good look.
The other great thing is that when your skin is rid of all the dead cells your serums, oils and moisturisers work better and you can see results faster!
If your skin is really sensitive I would possibly advise against using this product as it may be too strong for your skin( try with a patch test) but as for every one else listen to your skin. It can be used every day for almost all skin types or if you just want to see how your skin copes you can always use it every other day and increase it when you see your results.
After a month or so you will be using less foundation because your skin will have a glow that you want to show off not cover up.
Great when used with Pro collagen marine cream.

Get yours from

prices from £27

Pro-Collagen marine cream

Stop Press!!!
I am in love with this cream.
It is a Anti-aging cream but I love the feeling of this on my skin and it has settled my problem skin down.
The science bit is that it reduces the depth of wrinkles by up to 78% and increases skin hydration by 45%.
It is down as a powerful Anti aging cream but it is not harsh or stripping to the skin but what else do you expect from Elemis? Their products are with out a doubt powerful but you can place the care of your skin in the hands of Elemis with out having to worry that your are rubbing synthetic chemicals on your face and doing more damage deep down that you will come up against in the future.

After boasting to a friend that I was in possession of this cream she tested a small amount (under my beady eye) and said that it smelled and felt like a cult face cream that costs over £150, safe to say that I did not leave the pot in her care for too long lol

I smooth this cream on to my clean face in the morning and it sinks in within seconds and makes a great make up base and to be honest I have been able to ease up on the amount of make up that I have been using since treating my skin to this cream most days I go with out!
It is more expensive than the creams that you pick up in the supermarket but lasts longer and is a pleasure to use rather than just some thing you rub on your face because you have to.

I would recommend this to any one with out a second thought in fact I feel like a should convert people in to using this as I can't think of one thing that would put some one off!

Available from

30 ml £48
50 ml £73.50
100 ml £97.52

prices from QVC

Elemis heaven

I am still in Elemis heaven and working my way through wonderful products, it's a tough life lol.
Most of the high end eye creams out there are packing so much technology in to their pots that they are also fabulous for the lip area, so there are new creams on the block out there.
Being 26-27 (eeekkk) I don't have wrinkles YET however I am seeing a change in the texture around my eyes and they can become dry and irritable at the drop of a hat. On a good day I can look like I have missed sleep but on a bad day I look like I have went 10 rounds with Ricky Hatton!

This is where Elemis steps in! The very high tech sounding Pro-Intense eye and lip contour cream re-hydrates the dry patches and some how lightens up the circles.
I normally rave about the smell in Elemis products because they are so good but there is no smell here.....and that's what you need in a eye product. Your peepers are very sensitive and should be shown the up most respect.

Now to get all technical on you the buzz on this cream is that it contains stem cells from edelweiss. These stem cells work with the skins natural function at the 'dermal-epidermal junction' level to protect the shape of skin cells, tighten the collagen network and hydrate evenly through out the day.
As you can tell this cream will tackle a whole load of issues and prevent the others.
I can imagine it lasting a long time too as I only need half a pump to do both eyes so 1 pump would do eyes and lips.
I never tend to stay true to a product for too long but I always keep them in reserve as when your skin has a certain problem it is always nice to switch to a product that can get it under control fast, and this product is right there with you to do this.
I am still using this though, a month so far and I can not see my self straying any time's that good!

At the moment Elemis are giving you a extra bonus from the good of their heart, a full size of the Absolute Eye mask.Working along side the Pro-Intense eye cream or in fact any of the eye creams, the Absolute eye mask helps to brighten the eye area and lightening dark circles whist still moisturising the delicate paper thin skin. The essential oil extracts in this mask are beautiful and include a lot of favourites. Rose and Lavender make an appearance along side mimosa, cornflower and camellia to lend a helping hand in toning and firming the area so again this mask helps with lots of problems and will always have a place in your routine.

I know buying products that say Anti-aging can make you feel like you are adding years on to your age when in fact they do the opposite! Skin specialists say that the optimum age to use these products is 25. Just think that you are pausing rather than rewinding. Elemis is gentle enough to just use them for the great results they give to your skin what ever your age.

Buy at

prices vary

Monday, 23 August 2010

A massage please, pretty please!

Exotic Frangipani Monoi moisture melt

I have been intrigued by this oil for a while. When you get this bottle of gorgeousness you are still able to smell the tropical yet relaxing fragrance but the oil is solid in the bottle and it needs to be melted in warm to hand hot water for a few minutes before you are able to use it........good things come to those who wait I guess. It does make it a perfect travel companion though, no spills just envy when people see what you are using!
This oil is super hydrating so perfect for every one with dry skin or rough elbows and knees but the smell is so beautiful and results so perfect I would not hesitate recommending it for everyone.
After having a back injury for almost a year I adore a back rub unfortunately they do not happen very often, however when my other half caught a wiff of this oil he agreed to treat me, on the condition that I return the favour. I think it was the case of a trade off to cover up his love for this oil too lol
This oil sank in well and did not leave a synthetic oil slick behind like a lot of other body oils do and it the words of my boyfriend it did not turn 'bitty',
The smell including notes of  coconut coprah oil and sweet Frangipani flowers stayed around for a long while but it is not over powering at all in fact I wish I could get it in perfume form.
After treating my boyfriend to his massage which for some reason lasted longer than mine did???lol I rubbed my still oily hands through the ends of my hair for a over night moisture treatment. The next morning my hair looked and felt really soft and my split ends seemed fewer than normal.
Safe to say that I will be buying this oil when I run out as there are so many uses for it I think it would be rude not to and I may just be able to keep bagging those massages lol

Buy it from

Price £29 per 100ml

Friday, 20 August 2010

Elemis Cleanser and toner duo

Hi Everyone! as promised I am back with another delicious dip into Elemis.
Yesterday I was looking at the Pro-radiance cleanser which is excellent, today I am concentrating on a lotion cleanser and a toner.
My skin is on the oily side so I have been using the Lime Blossom cleanser along with the Lavender Toner.
 This cleanser is perfect for people who like to clean their face with cotton wool rather than bending over the sink.It can be used in the morning or at night.
This lotion smells divine and whilst massaging it on I can just feeling it doing my skin good in a nice and gentle way. Where you might feel like using the harshest products out there when you have oily skin it actually does more harm than good, this cleanser has just the right balance, which is why it is called balancing cleanser I guess lol .You can feel it cleaning your skin and you can see the dirt on your cotton pad but your skin does not feel like it is screaming out for help when you are finished.
I am not going to go on about how nice this cleanser smells because to be honest it is a given! lol
It has extracts of Lime Blossom in it so unlike a lot of brands that just smell of something this does not just smell of it but it is an active ingredient, it is there to help calm the skin down and so it can repair it's self when suffering from breakouts.
BTW there is nothing wrong with splashing your face with water after removing this cleanser if you feel the need which I do on hot days.

If you have never used a toner before after cleansing this is the time to start. It is an important step when cleansing, the old school reason used to be that it closes the pores after cleansing but toners would be way to harsh if that were the case. The good reason for using them is that they remove every last bit of cleanser/face wash from your skin and allow your moisturiser to work to it's full potential, so as you can see they are really important.
So to accompany my Lime Blossom cleanser I moved on to the Balancing Lavender toner. Elemis use high Alpine Lavender to maintain the skins natural PH balance and help clarify the skin without the use of harsh skin stripping chemicals.
You can either spray this toner directly on your face and wipe off with a cotton pad or spray on the pad and wipe. I also use it as a spritz when the weather is hot just to rehydrate the skin with a light mist and the Lavender is calming which always is a bonus.

In the range there are cleansers and toner duos for the following skin types

  • Rehydrating rose petal cleanser/ Ginseng Toner for normal to dry
  • Soothing chamomile cleanser/Soothing Apricot toner for sensitive
  • and of course Balancing Lime Blossom cleanser/Balancing Lavender toner for normal to oily

They are available @
Price Varies 

Thursday, 19 August 2010

I am a lucky girl!!!!!

The nice people at Elemis recently sent me some goodies to try. To say that I was excited was an understatement!!
I have tested a range from skincare to bath and body care. You can tell from the moment that you unpack the products that they are from a serious and divine brand that has a place in a lot of 5* hotels and spas around the world and Elemis tends to be a lot of therapists first choice when they are pampering clients from top to toe.

Elemis have recently brought out a brand new cleanser, It is a cream cleanser that is removed with a special mitt. Elemis have been working on this cleanser for a long time so are very proud that it has finally hit shelves and bathrooms of all Elemis fans.
Elemis Pro-radiance cleanser is a thick non foaming cleanser that is a new generation of anti aging cleanser that deeply moisturises. All skin type can use this to be honest not just mature skins.
The smell of this cleanser is amazing, as usual Elemis have packed the product full of powerful yet sweet smelling essential oils working along side other good for skin ingredients.
The smell that hits me most is that of more well known oil such as Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Patchouli but they have also included the gorgeous smelling Sweet Brazilian Orange, yummy.
All these gorgeous oils along with essential plant extracts work together to purify the skin without stripping it so it feels lovely and moisturised when you are finished.
Normally I don't like cream cleansers because I prefer using water on my face but this cleanser comes with a flannel mitt that you use to wipe off the sweet smelling cream. The mitt is not harsh so if you have areas of soreness it should not irritate the skin but like always I would say go steady at first.
You don't use a lot as it spreads nicely as you warm it up as your are rubbing it on your face. It is the massage that loosens the dirt on your face that the mitt then lifts off.
I prefer to use this cream at night as it is perfect to take off make up as it is really good at that, even mascara as the mitt gets into all the little nooks and crannies such as round your nose and your eye brows.The smell is also really relaxing so is perfect to use with your night time oils and creams.
I have been using this for about two weeks now and my skin does feel nicer when I wake up in the morning and people have been saying that my skin tone is clearer without make up whoop!

£27 for 150 ml

You can get yours from

Next post find out about Elemis and the fab Cleanser and toner duo! It will be worth the read

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

squeeky clean!

I am said to be a water baby, not because I love swimming(can't) but because when I get in the bath I can become obsessed with getting clean.
It has been getting so serious lately that I have started to take a stop watch in with me so it is more like a challenge, I have managed to get it to 20 minutes which is an accomplishment as a bath used to be at least 45.
I am actually a shower person but ours is not working but at the moment I wouldn't be able to use it any way.
I also have another problem to confess but I think that you may of already guessed....... I cannot stay faithful to one product therefore have a army of bottles lined up around my bath.

At the last count I had 5 face cleansers, 7 body washes, 4 shampoos and 2 conditioners lol see..

A few of my favourites are:

Soap and Glory Hair supply Hair Supply™
Not only does this conditioner/treatment have a yummy smell that lasts all day but you can use it as a 30 sec conditioner or indeed leave it on for as long as you like to repair any damage done by drying or using stylers.
I have really baby fine hair that can become lank and dirty within hours of freshly washing it and I have to, no exception, wash it every day but this product does not weigh hair down or feel greasy to the point where you want to wash it again because it has a gel texture.
Big bottles are great for beside the bath or Boots sell the smaller bottles that are brilliant for holidays as it is two products in one.
I would say for most people this is perfect for applying from the middle to the tips of the hair, only apply it to the roots if you have extra crispy tresses.

Get yours £6 200ml

My question would be when will there be a shampoo???? pretty please

Talking of shampoo I have to use a formula for really greasy hair or even a clarifying one.
I am currently using Pantene clarifying shampoo. There is some thing about the smell that reminds me of my childhood £3.99 500 ml. Another favourite of mine and my love for it I blame on QVC is <span class=AVEDA Blue Malva Shampoo it is a great range because it has a shampoo for every hair colour, I always used to wish that I had red hair so I could use Madder Root!
It is more of a salon shampoo as it is £22.50 for 1 litre but to be honest that is a lot of hair washes for your money.
The Blue Malva is for people with cool blonde or grey hair. It is a vibrant blue colour and takes away the brassy look that blonde hair can get.

I am looking forward to writing about shower gels but I think I am going to have to re test them all first haha!!!