Thursday, 16 September 2010

Getting fruity!

Having never really bought high end shower gels because I tend to get through bottles and bottles of the stuff , I never thought them to be worth the money for me. I was then given some shower gel and body lotion to try from Philosophy. I have used Philosophy products before and they fast became favourites especially Purity cleanser.The shower gel I have been getting fresh with is a new addition to the range and has the fruity name of Wild Blackberry Blossom.
This violet coloured gel smells gorgeous! The smell is very fruity but it is so much more grown up than that! More like a perfume it has top, middle and base notes. To say that this smells like ripe, juicy blackberries is a given really, but it also has a warming smell-I can't really put my finger on but I think it may be Liquorish. I have been using it as a bubble bath and a body wash and the great thing is you only have to use a very small amount for both. The amount of bubbles you get with this is amazing, you would have to pour out half a bottle of supermarket gel to get the same amount.If it takes your fancy you can layer it and use it as a shampoo as well.

My bottle of this is still very full even though I use it every day so It is value for money and now I have been eyeing up the other versions and will be starting a collection!

Body cream
I never skip putting on body lotion so I like to have a few to choose from. I have been using another Philosophy lotion in Pure Grace as it keeps you smelling clean all day and I also have the perfume.
This time it was a fruity lotion- Raspberries and cream. Yes it smells as good as it sounds, infact I bet if you put some in a bowl people would eat it!
This is a creamy lotion that I found sank in to my skin in seconds so no waiting around for it to dry. The smell lasts all day but never mingles with my perfume. I also love how soft my skin feels all day

The good news is it comes in a shower gel too! My wish list is growing by the second lol
These products from Philosophy certainly gave me my beauty junkie fix.

Get yours @ and and in good department stores
products start at £13

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