Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Go Fishing!!!!

My hair has been looking pretty rubbish of late, I have not been able to get to the hair dressers in months so my hair is in need of some TLC.
Any hair style I had has grown out and the ends are really raggy.
Although I have just been letting my hair dry naturally when I do reach for the dryer and straighteners my hair needs a bit of a hand.
There are many hair care brands out there and I have tried most of them to be honest, but I had never really looked at Fish as I had only really seen the Mens hair gum and wax ect.

I was given some of the best loved products to see if they would help with my hair and I actually really love them!

 All the Fish products remind me of holidays because they have a faint smell of coconut, it's not over whelming but it does leave a lovely faint smell on your hair and it's a lot better then some of the hair products out there that smell of nothing but chemicals!My hair is naturally really oily at the roots so I have to wash it every day. I use conditioner every time but the ends have become spilt therefore making my hair look dry and dull.
The first product that I chose to try out on my hair was the Sleek Fish high gloss serum .After towel drying my hair I applied one pump worth of product through my hair from the mid lengths. Even after just drying my hair I noticed that the spilt ends had been smoothed down and had a softer feel. After using this serum I have been able to wear my hair down without worries and have had compliments about how healthy it looks.

After falling for the serum I was happy that I had more products to try so I moved on to the Swish Fish silky smooth cream.
As I have been using the serum during drying I decided to put this product to work on naturally drying hair.
The products contains vitamins and strengthening proteins so helps restore damaged hair. After towel drying hair I have been smoothing some of the cream through the ends of my hair and then just putting it up in a bun.
Hair is not as bushy as before and less conditioner is needed.

For those of you that rock the straight and glossy look reach for Hot Fish straightening mist.
It protects your hair from the intense heat of the irons and stops your hair from getting fried.
For a healther look mist this over first

My final favourite and the product that I carry in my bag is Fresh fish Dry shampoo.
Again the faint smell of coconut is there so hair smells fresh and just washed. The product is not too powdery so I don't feel like I have tipped talc all over my head and it does not dull your hair either. I have used the cult dry shampoo brand out there but always thought the smell was awful but now I have this I won't go back!

I rate Fish as the hair product of the month! If you have used this brand please lest us know what you thought.

Catch your Fish products at Boots stores or online and also @http://www.kmiclub.com/
Serum £4.99
Smoothing cream £3.99
dry shampoo £3.49
staightening mist £3.99

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