Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Alpha H gets a big fat 0 from me!!

My skin has been very unpredictable recently. Thinking that I had my skin under control lead me into a false sense of security and then when I was least expecting it the attack of the grease came back with a vengeance!
I have never had dry skin but over the last few months I finally thought that I had the grease under control infact even my hair had become less greasy so I was happy at getting older as I thought this had been the remedy.
I am not sure if it all the medication that I have been on or as silly as it sounds my new dip into healthy eating.
After watching demonstrations on tv I was lured in to trying a Australian brand called Alpha H.
I thought I might as well try the full routine so I bought the Clear skin kit @£39.95.
I knew what the products looked like so I was not disappointed with the very plain bottles that arrived although I do wish that they put a little thought in to the design so you feel you have bought a little bit of luxury. 

I had read quite a few reviews before buying this kit and the positives seemed to out weigh the negative reviews so I thought it would be worth the money...I was wrong.
The triple action cleanser was my first disappointment. Completely non-foaming it is like just using water on your face, you can not tell that you are washing your face at all and to be honest after rinsing my face felt no cleaner and to me that is a huge let down. I like to at least feel something move on my skin so I feel some kind of purpose of going through the step other wise why not just use soap?
You have to work all the products in to your routine as there is also a scrub and two masks.
To be honest the rest of the products were ok and not such a let down, infact I do quite like the scrub that comes with the kit.
Micro cleanse is the scrub that is included and does make your skin tingle a bit but I like that and I think it does the job of the cleanser as my skin did feel clean and smoother after use.You use this scrub every other day which I wish was every day.
You then have the purifying mask and in my kit came the liquid gold mask although that is not what is advertised.
I use each mask once a week. After cleansing my face-often with a different cleanser- I smooth on one of these masks and leave on for ten minutes whilst I get washed.
I tone with my own toner after rinsing as I do not like skipping this step. After that I use the balancing moisturiser that also exfoliates.
To me this is just a run of the mill moisturiser and after using this kit for two weeks I have not noticed any difference to my skin, the oil slick is still there over my T zone.

All these products smell artificial and I can't say I will buy any thing else from Alpha H. I am disappointed as I really thought this kit may help but it has been a waste of money when really I feel that the only product worth using is the micro cleanse but I am sure there are better out there!

It pains me to say it but I would say don't waste your money on this kit, does nothing for your skin and does not even look nice in your bathroom.

If you do want to have a look at Alpha H you can find stock on

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