Sunday, 29 August 2010

A bath product with a double life!!

After watching endless hours of demonstrations of this milk bath I could not wait to try it as all of the reviews I had read and seen were top scores.
After I received the bottle of the milk bath I hid it away from my other half as he always uses my bath products and does not know the meaning of  a cap full and uses the whole bottle lol.
One morning after he went to work I broke out the bottle and ran myself a lovely hot bath. This milk bath turns the water exactly that... milky. So if you're looking for bubbles I wouldn't look here.
As you step into the bath you feel like Cleopatra immersing yourself into a bath of milk, except this smells nice and you don't smell like a dairy farm.
As you have read in my previous posts I do love my shower gels, but this time I was inspired by the moisturising milk theme and used a milk based soap to wash with.
After I got out of the bath and got dried I didn't feel the need to reach for the body oil as my skin was soft and smooth.
This product is well renowned for being excellent for people with dry skin conditions including eczema, as the ingredients include both milk proteins and oat extracts.
The unusual thing about this bath product is that you can use it as a body lotion on those dry patches. So to fully test the milk out I rubbed it in to the usual rough suspects, knees, feet and elbows. I must say that they were as moisturised as everywhere else for the rest of the day.
Researching it a bit further you can also rub this gorgeous milk on your bump if you are expecting, so you keep those stretch marks at bay - a little bit of luxury when your body is working it's hardest. I would definitely put this on my wish list if I was pregnant!
I'd definately recommend that if using it neat you use it over alternate days, as the amount of  hydration it gives lasts 48 hours.
A last little tip after finding multiple uses for this is, if you are going away overnight or indeed you break out in rough stress patches on your face you can use this as a cleanser. I'd wipe it off with a mitt or cotton pad then rinse thoroughly with warm water followed by a gentle toner.
Ideal if you are going on a short trip as you have so many uses but within a high class brand rather than those you find in the showers of hotels.Use this after a flight to get your glow back after one bath.

Find it online @ or at or in Elemis stockists from £39 for 400ml.

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