Sunday, 29 August 2010

Pro-Collagen marine cream

Stop Press!!!
I am in love with this cream.
It is a Anti-aging cream but I love the feeling of this on my skin and it has settled my problem skin down.
The science bit is that it reduces the depth of wrinkles by up to 78% and increases skin hydration by 45%.
It is down as a powerful Anti aging cream but it is not harsh or stripping to the skin but what else do you expect from Elemis? Their products are with out a doubt powerful but you can place the care of your skin in the hands of Elemis with out having to worry that your are rubbing synthetic chemicals on your face and doing more damage deep down that you will come up against in the future.

After boasting to a friend that I was in possession of this cream she tested a small amount (under my beady eye) and said that it smelled and felt like a cult face cream that costs over £150, safe to say that I did not leave the pot in her care for too long lol

I smooth this cream on to my clean face in the morning and it sinks in within seconds and makes a great make up base and to be honest I have been able to ease up on the amount of make up that I have been using since treating my skin to this cream most days I go with out!
It is more expensive than the creams that you pick up in the supermarket but lasts longer and is a pleasure to use rather than just some thing you rub on your face because you have to.

I would recommend this to any one with out a second thought in fact I feel like a should convert people in to using this as I can't think of one thing that would put some one off!

Available from

30 ml £48
50 ml £73.50
100 ml £97.52

prices from QVC

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