Tuesday, 10 August 2010

You learn something new every day!

Everyone knows that I have always been a big make up fan, right from the disasters of teenage make up through to now 'cough' late twenties where I seemed to have settled into a certain style and colour range.

There has always been a make up enemy out there that I could never master....eye liner, no matter what brand, colour, liquid or pencil I have never been able to apply eyeliner without it looking like a child has done it or that I have had a go whilst intoxicated lol

After 15 years or so of trying I have finally had a final go and came out looking half decent, and all thanks to Cliniques’ new quick liner for eyes intense pencil liner with handy smudger on the other end.Not only is the pencil in a winding tube(no sharpener needed) but it is so silky that it makes it easy peasy to apply.

The smudger is my favourite bit as I have discovered a whole new make up look because of it.

Before I stuck to no liner and grey smoky eyes done in the same way with the same shadows, this look took me through any occasion. Thanks to this liner I have discovered that a nice base colour over the lids and then lined with the liner in chocolate, smudged so it fades out makes for a lovely natural look. It must look different and fresh as my other half noticed my new look! I also like looking fresh rather than made up all the time, and it seems to make my under eye circles look less dark.

I know this could work as an understated smoky eye using the plum shade intensified with the black as a actual liner.

I can't wait to collect them all....in fact all of the Clinique eye pencils!

A must own

FYI shades in the collection

Intense Black

Intense Plum

Intense Coffee and Intense chocolate

RRP £13

Playtime however does not stop there! I then move on to the new limited edition High Impact mascara in Brightening black. First of all you know that it is going to be a good, true black mascara when there is only one shade in the range.

High Impact MascaraNow this is a cleaver tube of wonder. It is clinically proven to make the eyes appear three times brighter than normal mascaras. It is a wonderful deep black that makes the whites of our eyes seem more (ahem) well white! I took this little baby outside to see what the true colour of it was and when held up to the day light it is a very pretty but unusual shade of purplish, blueish black and to be honest what ever Clinique want to name the colour it is fine by me because I LOVE IT!

The tube looks like any other to be honest but this is now my most favourite mascara EVER no joking here. The wand must be just that....a magical wand! It has full and even spaced bristles which at first I worried that the mascara would clump around. When you pull the brush out of the tube it is evenly coated with product without the glimpse of excess or clumps. I only needed one coat with this wand and it captured every lash even the little ones on the inside. I did however, for the sake of a fair review apply two coats and because I have long lashes I was expecting spiders legs.....not with this. Gorgeous full lashes from inner to outer rim and so black it looked like I was wearing liner. I have tried all of the 'cult' mascaras from the pocket money budget to the higher end gulp budget and this whilst this fits in to neither category is my most favourite and I will be removing it from my make up bag before I lend the bag out because I want this to stay in my bag and stay my secret....well between you and me!

One shade fits all :-) Brightening Black

and RRP£14.50

And finally make up is not make up without a bit of lip-gloss is it?

Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip ColourThis one has the quite impressive title of Vitamin C lip smoothie Antioxidant lip gloss .

As you can guess from the title this gloss has more to it than some.

It feels smooth, lol sorry duh on the lips without the normal sticky, hair grabbing action that others have so you won't look odd trying to swipe away that hair attached to lip.

It is is a nice twisty clicker pen so no spills in your bag which is handy( I once spilled black nail polish in mine and it wasn't pretty!) and with it being a brush application it goes on with no fuss.

There are 6 shades in the smoothie collection, so one to suit everyone!

I am normally terrible of putting gloss or lipstick on no matter how many times my gran tried to drum it in to me that it adds colour and makes you look well, but with this and it's super fast application I will remember more often I think!

Shade choice

Guava Good


Running Latte

Strawberry Bliss


and Blackberry Nirvana

RRP £13.50

All in all I love the new fall line from Clinique the only down side is I will be spending alot of money adding the collection to my make up bag and will need more space in said bag.... but hey it's make up after all so it would be rude to say no!!

Get yours at all good department stores or @


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