Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My new best friend!

I have a new best friend in my make up bag!NEW REMEDE TRANSLUCENT UV COAT SPF 30

I have discovered a little gem in Laboratoire Remede Translucent UVCoat SPF 30.

There are 3 lightly tinted versions to choose from or indeed an untinted choice.

Not only does this fabulous lotion have a SPF 30 so it protects you face from aging but I also find that it is excellent as a base for make up, infact I am never going to use any thing else.

I have been searching for a primer for ages, and I have gone back and forth between many but not actually investing in a certain one. When I received this the recommended use was not as a make up primer but more as a light weight face protector – sheer foundation and they added light reflecting powders in to make it a bit special.

On a good day I can use this with under eye cover up and some finishing powder and it leaves a wonderful soft focus finish on the skin whilst doing some good by combating the daily damage of the sun.

On days when I need a little bit extra I find that it is excellent as a base for my mineral foundation. It gives the skin an extra oommff with out caking your face in layers of make up. I found that my make up tended to stay on my skin longer without the need for touch ups too.

My skin tone choice was the lightest version of the tinted group as I am fair with blonde hair. If you want to use it just for the skin benefits, for example if you are not a make up wearer the un tinted version is there for you.

One last tip it would be fabulous as your on holiday make up!

Pick up yours at www.blisslondon.co.uk


  1. Hi sam
    I may look into getting this as ive been thinking of getting somthing anti-ageing but it all looks to heavy for my oily-sensitive skin, also ive been lokking into a tinted moisturiser and this would kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

  2. I really do love this product. It's fab as a everyday face fixer