Monday, 23 August 2010

A massage please, pretty please!

Exotic Frangipani Monoi moisture melt

I have been intrigued by this oil for a while. When you get this bottle of gorgeousness you are still able to smell the tropical yet relaxing fragrance but the oil is solid in the bottle and it needs to be melted in warm to hand hot water for a few minutes before you are able to use it........good things come to those who wait I guess. It does make it a perfect travel companion though, no spills just envy when people see what you are using!
This oil is super hydrating so perfect for every one with dry skin or rough elbows and knees but the smell is so beautiful and results so perfect I would not hesitate recommending it for everyone.
After having a back injury for almost a year I adore a back rub unfortunately they do not happen very often, however when my other half caught a wiff of this oil he agreed to treat me, on the condition that I return the favour. I think it was the case of a trade off to cover up his love for this oil too lol
This oil sank in well and did not leave a synthetic oil slick behind like a lot of other body oils do and it the words of my boyfriend it did not turn 'bitty',
The smell including notes of  coconut coprah oil and sweet Frangipani flowers stayed around for a long while but it is not over powering at all in fact I wish I could get it in perfume form.
After treating my boyfriend to his massage which for some reason lasted longer than mine did???lol I rubbed my still oily hands through the ends of my hair for a over night moisture treatment. The next morning my hair looked and felt really soft and my split ends seemed fewer than normal.
Safe to say that I will be buying this oil when I run out as there are so many uses for it I think it would be rude not to and I may just be able to keep bagging those massages lol

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Price £29 per 100ml

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