Monday, 9 August 2010

Flutter them lashes!!!

I have if I am honest always been blessed with long eyelashes but they could of always done with been thicker.
When I have mascara on my lashes do look long but can look like spiders legs.
I have been handed an answer in the Golden tube of lash conditioner by DHC.
DHC Eyelash Tonic_horiz.jpg
It is designed to nourish,strengthen and increase the volume of your lashes. So if you do have the problem of short lashes,sparse or even brittle lashes this is the tube for you.
It has multiple uses and I have found each one of them to be beneficial. You can apply it to your lashes after cleansing before bed as a treatment or you can use it as a make up/care product. It is a brill clear mascara for those days where a understated look is what you are after or use it as a primer for your lashes and this adds extra flutteryness (made up word alert!) before you apply the mascara of your choice.
I have found when using under mascara I have less clumping and my colour looks fresh and true for longer.

I thought this product was too good to be true but I am glad that I tried it and will continue using it as it doesn't add much time onto your routine.
Give it a go!Your lashes will thank you for it!

It is £7 and you can find it at

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