Tuesday, 17 August 2010

squeeky clean!

I am said to be a water baby, not because I love swimming(can't) but because when I get in the bath I can become obsessed with getting clean.
It has been getting so serious lately that I have started to take a stop watch in with me so it is more like a challenge, I have managed to get it to 20 minutes which is an accomplishment as a bath used to be at least 45.
I am actually a shower person but ours is not working but at the moment I wouldn't be able to use it any way.
I also have another problem to confess but I think that you may of already guessed....... I cannot stay faithful to one product therefore have a army of bottles lined up around my bath.

At the last count I had 5 face cleansers, 7 body washes, 4 shampoos and 2 conditioners lol see..

A few of my favourites are:

Soap and Glory Hair supply Hair Supply™
Not only does this conditioner/treatment have a yummy smell that lasts all day but you can use it as a 30 sec conditioner or indeed leave it on for as long as you like to repair any damage done by drying or using stylers.
I have really baby fine hair that can become lank and dirty within hours of freshly washing it and I have to, no exception, wash it every day but this product does not weigh hair down or feel greasy to the point where you want to wash it again because it has a gel texture.
Big bottles are great for beside the bath or Boots sell the smaller bottles that are brilliant for holidays as it is two products in one.
I would say for most people this is perfect for applying from the middle to the tips of the hair, only apply it to the roots if you have extra crispy tresses.

Get yours £6 200ml

My question would be when will there be a shampoo???? pretty please

Talking of shampoo I have to use a formula for really greasy hair or even a clarifying one.
I am currently using Pantene clarifying shampoo. There is some thing about the smell that reminds me of my childhood £3.99 500 ml. Another favourite of mine and my love for it I blame on QVC is <span class=AVEDA Blue Malva Shampoo it is a great range because it has a shampoo for every hair colour, I always used to wish that I had red hair so I could use Madder Root!
It is more of a salon shampoo as it is £22.50 for 1 litre but to be honest that is a lot of hair washes for your money.
The Blue Malva is for people with cool blonde or grey hair. It is a vibrant blue colour and takes away the brassy look that blonde hair can get.

I am looking forward to writing about shower gels but I think I am going to have to re test them all first haha!!!

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