Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Do you have Glad Pitts or angry ones?

Months ago I was excited when I saw that Soap and Glory had brought out a new deodorant. I must not have been the only one as my local Boots were constantly out of stock!

I finally got my mitts on a bottle the other week and was in S&G heaven once again.

Not only did the bottle get loads of attention when getting it out of my bag but it does the job really well considering it is a new addition to the line.

It has all the requirements of all the leading brands such as low whitening formula to stop the white streaks on your favourite black top and it has Aloe Vera in it to soothe underarms that have just been subjected to the razor. I must say the smell is sooo Soap and Glory but I found that it does not clash with any perfume you decide to wear, and it’s girly enough that your man won’t try to spray it whilst your not looking.

I would love to see it in a roll on formula as I find that I am a bit too spray happy with this can lol

My Underarms now live up to the name of Glad Pitts.

All in all it is a fantastic deodorant, worth the money and a nice addition to your dressing table as any of S&G products are.

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