Sunday, 29 August 2010

Elemis heaven

I am still in Elemis heaven and working my way through wonderful products, it's a tough life lol.
Most of the high end eye creams out there are packing so much technology in to their pots that they are also fabulous for the lip area, so there are new creams on the block out there.
Being 26-27 (eeekkk) I don't have wrinkles YET however I am seeing a change in the texture around my eyes and they can become dry and irritable at the drop of a hat. On a good day I can look like I have missed sleep but on a bad day I look like I have went 10 rounds with Ricky Hatton!

This is where Elemis steps in! The very high tech sounding Pro-Intense eye and lip contour cream re-hydrates the dry patches and some how lightens up the circles.
I normally rave about the smell in Elemis products because they are so good but there is no smell here.....and that's what you need in a eye product. Your peepers are very sensitive and should be shown the up most respect.

Now to get all technical on you the buzz on this cream is that it contains stem cells from edelweiss. These stem cells work with the skins natural function at the 'dermal-epidermal junction' level to protect the shape of skin cells, tighten the collagen network and hydrate evenly through out the day.
As you can tell this cream will tackle a whole load of issues and prevent the others.
I can imagine it lasting a long time too as I only need half a pump to do both eyes so 1 pump would do eyes and lips.
I never tend to stay true to a product for too long but I always keep them in reserve as when your skin has a certain problem it is always nice to switch to a product that can get it under control fast, and this product is right there with you to do this.
I am still using this though, a month so far and I can not see my self straying any time's that good!

At the moment Elemis are giving you a extra bonus from the good of their heart, a full size of the Absolute Eye mask.Working along side the Pro-Intense eye cream or in fact any of the eye creams, the Absolute eye mask helps to brighten the eye area and lightening dark circles whist still moisturising the delicate paper thin skin. The essential oil extracts in this mask are beautiful and include a lot of favourites. Rose and Lavender make an appearance along side mimosa, cornflower and camellia to lend a helping hand in toning and firming the area so again this mask helps with lots of problems and will always have a place in your routine.

I know buying products that say Anti-aging can make you feel like you are adding years on to your age when in fact they do the opposite! Skin specialists say that the optimum age to use these products is 25. Just think that you are pausing rather than rewinding. Elemis is gentle enough to just use them for the great results they give to your skin what ever your age.

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