Thursday, 12 August 2010

Products that I am loving at the moment!

I always wear perfume even if I am having a PJ day or I am feeling under the weather.

I had a big collection of various perfumes….so many that I was wearing a new one every day, but I have recently noticed that my supplies are depleting at lightening speeds.

I was getting worried as I was down to the dregs of almost all my bottles, even the ones that I wasn’t that keen on.

Again Soap and Glory has saved the day and left me smelling sweeter even if I do say so myself!

For Christmas I got loads and loads of Soap and Glory and in one of the sets was a bottle of Mist you Madly.

Mist You Madly™It has a sweet yet clean smell that features notes of Bergamot, Blackcurrent, magnolia, freesia,Vanilla and musk , it reads like the notes of a posh perfume!

The smell lasts most of the day without starting off heavy but I like to carry it round with me in my bag as a quick spray always lifts my mood.

If you love this too S&G have been adding this fragrance to other products such as Clean Girls body wash, The Daily smooth body butter and Scrub em and leave em scrub.

£6 for a 250ml bottle it’s a steal and I am going to be wearing this as my everyday fragrance from now on!

Bright here Bright now.Bright Here Bright Now™

This is a soap and Glory’s fans equivalent to the famous Beauty flash balm!

To start off it comes in a huge 50ml tube, at this size it will last ages therefore value for money!

It adds a glow to your face so your skin no longer looks dull, with or without make up!

You can use it as a moisturiser or mix a bit into your foundation to add that extra POP.

It makes a great make up base if you are going for the natural look or just add a bit to parts of your face that’s needs a bit of help.

The creme has a very slight peach tint to it and before you rub it in you can almost see a light reflecting glow to it.

It smells quite herby but that smell goes away as soon as it is rubbed in but it’s not unpleasant anyway.

I just find that it makes my skin look like I have had a few extra hours in bed and a more refreshed.

I would defiantly have it in my make up bag as a go to product when you need the help.

It’s only £10 and get a lot for your cash!

And finally.......

Strawberry Shower Gel/Cream - Body CleansersI am so into The Body Shop's Strawberry shower gel. It is so sweet I honestly want to eat it!...but I won't

It lathers up so well and the smell stays on your skin for ages. I have a bottle of the Satsuma tucked away for next time.

£6 for 250ml but you only need a little on a shower flower so it lasts a while

You can find S&G @ and

And The body shop shower gels @

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