Thursday, 5 August 2010

When is it ok to Save rather than Splurge?

I am well known for spending most of my spare money on cosmetics and make up, infact there is always many a joke around family over my bathroom being like a branch of Boots.
I have learned however where to spend my money and where to maybe scrimp a little bit.

I have tried many Nail varnishes right from the top such as OPI to the chemist range and to be honest with you I prefer the cheaper version. For some reason the cheaper versions tend not to chip and go dull as much as the more expensive. As mentioned in a previous post I painted my nails with OPI for a party and they did not last the evening where as when I used Rimmel It was there until I brought out the remover.
I know that maybe with the cheaper version there are not so many good ingredients that will look after your nails, but they are getting better. The way around this I find is invest in a good base and top coat and I love using nail oil.

Make up remover wipes are another area that I kind of begrudge spend alot when they should always be a last resort any way. I find using either Baby wipes or my favourite Boots Cucumber wipes gets the job done when it is a late night removal or a mistake mop up. I don't feel that they clean the face enough to use them as my cleanser step so keep them in reserve.

When money is tight and I have to trim down on my skin care routine I tend to compromise on my toner. As a toner is generally used to remove excess cleanser when funds are squeezed I go more simple and turn again to Boots cucumber toner as it does the job without drying my skin out and causing any other issues. I would say though if you have a structured routine for a specific skin issue I would try and stay true to your routine.

One thing I would never scrimp on though is moisturiser, after all this is what feeds and nourishes your skin making it one of the most important parts of your skincare.

Are there products that you would not splurge on or are you happy to try anything no matter the price?Do you know a nail varnish brand that beats all others?
Drop me a line and let me know as there may be some undiscovered treasure out there that I have not tried yet!

Take care


  1. i would be interested to see what you think of Lush's Ultrabland. Its a peanut oil based make up remover that i now wouldnt be without! I also use it as a barrier cream when dying my hair and as a lip balm! Id love to get your opinion on it!

  2. Hi Lou,

    I am hitting the lush site now to have a look and maybe order