Thursday, 20 January 2011

A new Liz Earle kid on the block

As I am getting a bit older I am finding that the skin on my body drinks moisturiser up like any thing and I have to be careful with the more indulgent creams as I tend to use 6-10 pumps per use and as you can imagine they don't last very long using them like that.
I often wonder if anyone else has the same issues as I do? Incredibly oily skin on the face and oily hair and then a very thirsty body. I was always told that I never make anything easy lol

Normally Liz Earle's body moisturisers fall into the indulgent cream lists that I use on special occasions but Liz has added a new one to her box of tricks.

This Energising body lotion is Liz's January release and boasts a blend of 19 naturally active ingredients to leave skin soft, smooth and toned.
It is also said that the potion helps to improve skin elasticity.

I have been using this cream for about two weeks, every day. I have found that I only need to use a small about of this instead of the normal tub load.
After squeezing a small amount into my palm I warm the gel like lotion before rubbing it in. A little goes a long way I have found so I am pleased that I have been able to use it every day guilt free.
The look of the tube is undeniably Liz Earle, pale, calming cornflower blue and looks great on my cosmetic table.It has a convenient flip top and is in a slim tube so easy to use when hands are slightly slippy.

When I have used firming creams in the past they always have a strong chemical scent even if they are advertised as natural. This one however has a really lovely smell, yes you can smell all the natural ingredients but with Liz's products you know that they are just that, natural.
It is a mark of a product for me if my FiancĂ©e comments on the smell as we all know men are not that bothered about the smell of our lotions and potions. I rubbed this on in the morning and when I got in to bed that night and every night since Paul has commented on how nice I smelled, and I had no perfume on. So this lotion is a winner for me all round!

£16.50 150mls 

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