Saturday, 8 January 2011


Why is it that you always want what you don't have? My greasy hair has been the bane of my life, at 27 I am sure that it is worse than when I was 17. I wash my hair in the morning with Clarifying shampoo and by the time bed time is here I am back to square one!

I have always had hair envy of those girls who can get up in the morning run a brush through their hair and they are ready. I know a few people like this, ones who can tie hair up with out a comb and it looks like it has been 'done'
After talking to a good friend on New years Eve...yes my beauty interest never leaves. She is one of those people that I was jealous of, or so I though. Yes she said she can go days without having to wash her hair but nothing makes her hair silky. I could not believe it when she said that she rubbed pure coconut oil through her hair roots to tip and within an hour it was gone...sucked up by her hair. Yes she smells like holidays but she would like to have hair that she could wash every day. Odd I know.

Does anyone out there have a secret that they are keeping for either of us?
Other than dry shampoo(does not work for me) for greasy hair or something that would turn my friends hair into the silky tresses that she desires.

It would be great for people to get in touch !


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