Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gloves on

We are always blogging about shower creams/gels and oils but what do you prefer to use to lather your favourite up?
I have never been able to get on with flannels as nothing seems to foam up very well on them and they seem a bit faffy...if that's even a word?
Never really understood how people just use their hands either, it takes quite along time to lather up and is quite difficult in the bath.

I used to like using a shower puffy but could never find one that was harsh enough or didn't fall apart after one wash. I have now found the holy grail(in my opinion) of bath accessories. The bath gloves.
The best thing about these is that they are fast, gel on and scrub frantically in the morning and anything that helps me get out of the bath quicker is a bonus.  They are rather hash but to me that is great because although I love using body scrubs they add another step on to your routine right? So if your anything like me you save it till the weekend, well these gloves are fab at giving a little exfoliation in every wash. So you buff and clean the skin but they also help keeping ingrown hairs at bay if you shave and help your moisturiser sink in as there are hardly any dead skin cells. Bonus huh??

You can buy the gloves at any chemist or supermarket ranging from a pound upwards

It would be great to hear what your favourite thing is whether you like gloves or something else works for you

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