Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Melt away the day with Elemis

Elemis have recently launched a new cleanser called Melting cleansing Gel.
It's like nothing that I have ever used before. I used to like to use nothing but foaming washes as felt these were the only things that got my skin clean. I have since retrained my mind and fell in love with cream cleansers such as Liz Earle's cleanse and polish and of course Pro-radiance but this was a whole new duel phase texture to get my head around.
The first thing that you notice is the smell, to me it smells like chocolate orange not too strong but definitely there. I like the smell, there may be some that don't but the results that you get will out weigh it if you don't
The gel comes out the tube as a silky ,cloudy gel. You massage it on your face whilst your face is dry. Now this is the first step that took me a little bit of time to get used to. It feels like hard work at first but if you keep massaging it round the gel almost becomes the texture of oil. You can use this texture to give your face a great massage and get some drainage working.
I preferred to give a quick massage with wet fingers and this turned the 'oil' to a milk, the more water added the more milky the cleanser got.

Once rinsed my face felt really clean but soft. I found the cleanser best to use at night and even better when I had been wearing make up. It really gets rid of all traces of make up with out having to scrub, This was excellent in the early hours of New years day lol  I allowed my self a night off from the strong painkillers and substituted them with rum and coke so after a while my back pain was gone but it also meant any sort of face regime became slightly tougher lol The gel did the job and removed all foundation and blusher. If you have eye make up on though remove with separate eye make-up remover as the melting Gel is not for use on the eye area.

At the point of writing this post the Melting cleanser gel is not available other than on QVC in kits , the good news is it is available from Febuary 2011 RRP £19.50

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