Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A quick little post

Ten things to know about me:

1 . I was born in Australia, moved to Newcastle as a toddler and then made my way to Sheffield aged 22

2. There are 4 little furry girls in my life, Fudge, Mable, Pop pop and Lily pad. My 4 little guinea pigs. Oh and a boxer dog, Beau

3. I am getting Married next year...yeah!! By the time we get hitched we will have been together almost 8 years.

4. I am so addicted to all things cosmetic it is unbelievable lol

5. I read so, so much. I can read a book in a day

6.  I can pick things up with me feet, anything from pencils to remote's.This has earned me the nickname Hobbit feet.

7. I love Tattoo's and have 3

8. I am tongue tied so can't stick my tongue out, plus side to this is I can't choke on it

9. I got a kiss on the cheek by Michael Buble on my 21st birthday, yes I have washed my face since.

10. One of my favourite songs is Cornbread by Dave Matthews, even though I have never actually had Cornbread lol Maybe I will have it as our first dance..........Joke  Have a listen

Hope this is a little insight in to me
Try to think of a list for yourself It is actually hard lol

Sam x

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