Tuesday, 31 May 2011

perfect brows

I just thought that I would do a little mini post to report on some thing that I did on Saturday.
As you know from the previous post that I had a day out on Saturday. While I was out I went to get myeyebrows done.
I have blonde hair but my eyebrows are very dark brown and they can become a bit unruly. Also I have a little issue of blonde hairs interfering too .

Now with dark hair these brows may look nice but blonde hair...nope.

I went to Debenhams specifically to visit their eyebrow bar. Yes waxing works but I find threading the best thing for me. Not only do they get rid of excess hair but they also reshape. I came away with less bushy brows with a perfect shape for my face. I am determined to visit every time I get the chance especially close to the wedding.
I do actually have make up on this photo, I guess I took the natural look too far! As you can see the
girl at the brow bar has given my brows much more of  a less bushy shape.

If you get the chance give threading a go! Plus it does not hurt!

Threading £10 at Debenhams brow bar

Photo credit to realwomenmakeup.com

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