Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Beautiful skin the Bare Minerals way

When a make up company makes a claim such as 'A make up so pure that you can sleep in it' They have to live up to the hype.
All of us know that if you wear a full face of make up to bed  you're gonna wake up with your face on your pillow. Not only that it will cause a break out!
I can tell you that the company that made this claim is Bare Escentuals, and they are not fibbing!

I was given the BE get started kit to try out.

@ £48 I think that it is fantastic value. You can pay up to £30 for a liquid foundation when in this little box of tricks you get two shades of the BE foundation a pot of Mineral veil, warmth, a concealer and 3 yes 3! high quality brushes along with a instructions DVD and a sample of primer.

MY nightmare with a liquid foundation is that demarcation line down the side of your face. Lets be real here no matter how expensive your foundation is that line is not pretty and ruins all your hard work.
You don't have to worry with BE as it is seamless no matter how much you buff on.The trick of this foundation is Swirl, Tap and buff. You shake a little in to the lid swirl and tap off the excess and buff all over, it's fun! . If you want a natural covering this should be enough but the great thing is you can build up the coverage to cover problem areas(we all have them) and it never looks chalky it just gives your skin a bloom.
The mineral veil is great if you get oily but it is also like a soft focus lens, it just smooths everything out, I am never going to be with out this and I am certainly going to keep it in my bag for my wedding.

The concealer is great for covering blemishes, as you know I need hard core covering for my eye circles but if you just look a bit tired this would be perfect and you get the brush too.
The pot of warmth can be used just to add a tiny bit of non shimmery tan to your face but I have also found it useful on my shoulders, chest and legs to take the paleness away, a great bit of kit in the summer...if it ever gets here.
All these powders don't come off, I have put a white top on after using them and nothing.

To test it out to the max I did the sleep test and I did not break out and there was nothing on my white pillow, this does not mean you can be a lazy bones and not take your make up off at night but once in a while won't give you spots.

This kit comes in 4 shades and has a SPF 15
BE make up is 100% minerals unlike other makes out there

I can wait to see the next BE innovation

*press sample

Get yours @http://www.bareescentuals.co.uk


  1. Ohh, I used to love Bare Minerals. In fact, thank you for reminding me! I tend to test so many products that I forget about my old favourites :-S

    Note to self: must get a BM foundation!


  2. Thanks so much for leaving a comment Miss A.

    After using this I have booked Be for my wedding day make up!!
    At least I don't have to worry about being orange lol