Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Crowning glory

Have you ever walked in to a store for some shampoo and been bombarded with 20 different types?
Some people, like me have hair that can fit in to a few categories. I have greasy yet fine hair that can get dry at the ends. Do I go for a moisturising shampoo or one to add volume?
This problem has been solved by the clever Liz Earle!
200ml tubeA shampoo that suits all!
I would think, like me your first reaction would be...nope won't work for me! Well I was kindly sent some to review. For a all natural shampoo the foam was amazing, a little bit of shampoo with plenty of water produced a mass of fragrant bubbles. It rinsed clean and I was hesitant to follow with conditioner, but I did out of routine. After drying my hair my brush just slid through with no knots to contend with. My hair was in no way lank, at this a sigh of relief let slip. My hair was shiny and clean all day and my FiancĂ© commented on the lovely herby, organic smell.
As a one for all shampoo this is amazing, I will buying a bottle to give to my sister in law who has opposite hair to me just to see the results.
One little tip I would like to share is if you feel like you need more shampoo try adding a little water instead as this will activate the foam and you will use less shampoo!

200ml tubeI also tried the conditioner. Same gorgeous smell and it conditioned without weighing down my hair.
Unlike the shampoo the conditioner comes in 3 choices ,dry and damaged, oily and one for normal hair and with a hair care set just to make one choice is fab.
There are so many beautiful ingredients in theses shampoos and conditioners it would take ages to write them all down, lets just say each one works a little bit of magic.

Both shampoo and conditioner come in at   £7.65 each, great value
Get yours at

Images thanks to Liz Earle web site

Would I buy them.... Yes!!!

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