Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wedding stress

Morning peeps. I hope that your Monday was not too stressful?
Today's weather is a bit 'blah' in not so sunny Sheffield, although I am not too crazy keen on hot weather a little bit of sun would be great!
Any way h2b and I have decided on a wedding date! Originally I was meant to have three years to get my self slim and serene for the day but now I have a year and a half as we have chosen 28th July 2012!
I need to get my fatty bum bum bride ass in to gear to get this weight loss mission started.

Like most brides to be I am of course excited to find my ideal dress ect but I wouldn't be me if  I wasn't also on the look out for wedding make up and nails! Along with the diet I am going to give my skin a good overhaul. I am not too much of a disaster but I do want glowing skin on the day.
Along with that is of course make up! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having a bit of a run through at the Bobbi Brown counter. They were very patient with me wriggling and standing up now and again because of my back but as well as that I have never felt so pampered sitting in the middle of a shop lol.
I was lucky to be in the hands of one of Bobbi's visiting professional make up artists who looked at my face and gave me great tips. It was refreshing for a make up artist not to put make up on inches deep and actually comment on my good features rather than going on about my flaws( yes a MUA has done this!)
I was introduced to gel eyeliner which I of course bought! I will be doing a review on this and putting it up against others in a post this week so keep your eyes open!

My nails are easy because of the nail God Leighton Denny! Thanks to his easy to follow instructions, helping hands products and his ability to put together great kits I am sorted with his French Facination kit. Not only does it have the French manicure down to a T, but it also has a bit of sparkle with a bottle of Cascade and a pot of corrector fluid and brush. With this kit I am having a manicure party the night before the wedding and will be a working bride doing about 10 manicures lol

It would be great to hear your experiences at the hands of a MUA good or bad! Please leave a comment below.

ps only 501 days till I tie the knot...eeek

Sam xx

Leighton Denny polishes can be found at www.leightondenny.com

Picture credited to banburylimohire.co.uk

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