Monday, 28 March 2011


I thought that I would start doing a bit something different with my blog. Every one knows that I love skincare and make up but sometimes it feels a bit boring just doing review after review, sure sometimes I have a backlog of stuff I need to write about but sometimes I just sit looking at my screen and go Duh!
For anyone who knows me they will be thinking "whats new?" lol but seriously on occasion I do struggle.
Sooooo I thought...maybe...I would use this blog as a sounding board that gets things off my mind, out in to the web that is world wide and I can get my arse in to gear and write about what material stuff I love.

Any hoo the reason for this inane, rambling and random post is there is so much going on at the moment.
Me and my OH are planning our wedding, I of course am doing the fun, but still stressful stuff like Wedding attire and menu and colours and blah blah blah and my OH is worrying...I mean doing the budget. Now we are not having a massive do just a small occasion that is typically Us but man it can be stressful!
On top of that there is the DIET grrrrr, I do NOT want to be a fatty bum bum bride, and I tell myself this everyday, but why is it that when you go on a diet you find more 'bad' foods that you like????? Is it written in the laws of life? All I know is that I have fell off the wedding diet wagon and I am trying desperately to hitch a ride on the next one!

That's all from me and I promise that next blog will have some thing beauty related in it!!!!

Sam (still a fatty bum bum bride...for now)  x

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