Friday, 18 March 2011

Who will walk the line?

Morning Beauty lovers! It's Friday!!! More time to indulge in Make up blogs and researching new wonder products out there.

Yesterday I posted about the Iconic Bobbi Brown Gel liner, Today I turn my attention to a pencil liner and a liquid.

I am going to start with the one that I really did not all.
Now I do not have a photo with me wearing this liner purely because I could not get a straight line to save my life! I was fine at the outer corner then it just went wrong. The tip off this liner is too soft and wiggles like a stubborn child. The actual look of the liner is nice, a greyish black pigment with a bit of sparkle but there is no way on earth ,even if you could get a good line on the upper lid that you could do lash thickening work with this liner. With liquid liner if you mess up you can't smudge it to a sexy smoke you have to take it all off and start again.Although this was not one of my most expensive mistakes @ £6.19 it is still unlikely to see day light again unless one of my friends likes it and I will pass it on.
If you like liquid liner give it a go even if it is just for the added sparkle but I am not a fan....sorry

Second liner to go up against the Gel is
Intense Kajal in dark black by Blink

I love pencils that have a smudger built in. I have never used a pencil that is such a pure black as this one. It went on smooth with no dragging on my lids which always makes them really sore.
It leaves a good line on your lids with little effort and I love smudging it towards the centre and under my bottom lashes. Unlike the Liquid liner it is really easy to get this under and in between the lashes so this is another bonus for me. 
If you do enough smudging with this liner you can create a full smouldering eye which would be perfect for transforming a day look in to a sexy evening eye.
As this is a non retractable pencil you can also get a good sharp point for a fine line look.
Please excuse my head phones lol 
As you can see you can really make a impression on the eye with this.

For those sensitive souls out there this liner contains no mineral oil so won't cause irritation.

This is my number one Black pencil and will sit beside my BB Gel liner

So am I wrong about the liquid liner? Do you have a better pencil?
Let me know!

Sam xx

Get L'oreal at most chemists and
Blink @ £13

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