Thursday, 17 March 2011

A Bobbi Brown wedding face

I have wanted to use eye liner for as long as I have been using make up, because I did not know how to use it if I wanted a black eye liner I would buy a cheap one and the result was a disaster so I gave up!
How ever following on from my last post the MUA at the Bobbi Brown counter restored my faith and showed me how to use Gel liner and I finally got that lovely sleek line and flick.
Being the nosey person that I am and the fact that I always want to try other types I thought that I would do a comparison.

First I tried the Bobbi Brown liner
This liner is a true black and it was surprising just how little you need on the brush to get a nice solid line.
The MUA made it look really easy when she just flicked it across my eye lid but I must admit it has taken me about a month to come out looking similar.
You can get a few looks with this, a nude lid with a thickish line and a flick with a few good coats of mascara or the look that I was advised to go for with my wedding.
A light sparkle of grey up to just above the socket line and then a slightly darker colour used to blend
out the black liner. A flick at the end then a few coats of black mascara.

This liner will not budge until you take it off with a good eye make up remover.
A good time I found out for most liners is to make your lashes look thicker lift your lid and line the upper inside of the line and right under/in between lashes.

I am defiantly going to keep using this liner and will insisted on it for my wedding.

Please let me know your thoughts on it guys whether you love it or hate it!

Get yours for £15.50 at any department stores or @

Just a little FYI guys, before I bought the true Bobbi brown liner I am guilty to admit that I bought one off Ebay. The seller assured me that they were genuine and as they were close to the price in the shop I sent my payment.
You can clearly see that the one on the left is dry and missing the deep pigment of the true one on the right! It comes out of the pan as a patchy grey.As I had never seen a gel liner I assumed this was what it was meant to be like, I now know better!
Be careful guys a lot of make up on Ebay is fake!! Bobbi Brown, Benefit and Mac are great money makers for these scammers. Best advise is save until you know you are getting the real deal!


Next post following on from this testing a liquid liner and a pencil

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