Monday, 21 March 2011

A new week a new colour!!!

Happy Monday Ladies!! Ok so I know that Monday's are not great so what can we do to make them a little better?
Today I have not been feeling that great to be honest after a week of my back and legs being in pain and shaking like a leaf,  I am still getting over it but the good news is I am not shaking any more so I have jumped at the stillness of my hands and painted my nails. As you have seen from my couple of posts on nail polish I keep the strong colours confined to my big hobbit feet... not this time! I have taken the plunge and painted my nails a bright what I would call cherry red.

Leighton Denny polishes seem to be my brand of choice at the moment. They go on smooth and this Red called Indulgence is ready to take the spot light within two coats. These polishes last me 5 days without chips and to avoid wear at the tips remember to take your clear top coat over the edges of your nails.
I must admit that I am becoming addicted to these polishes and I am a proud member of Leighton's angels on face book.
As you can from my nails this red looks great on pale skin like mine.

I am meant to be saving for my wedding but a bottle a month can't hurt can it???

Wonder what shade I choose for next week?


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