Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A supermarket sweep

When doing our food shopping My H2B steers me away from the body wash and cosmetic's aisle like there has been a chemical spill! He knows once I get past the opening shelves I am a lost cause for quite a while, you see even if it's just boring old body washes I will still peruse each bottle and come away with a few.
Well the last time we hit Asda I managed to escape lol Reading some of the beauty bloggs in cyber space I had heard mixed reviews on Asda's own make up range attached to the clothes line George.

I only picked up the lip gloss this time because 1, It was only £2 and 2, If you are unsure about a brand start at the basics.

I went safe and chose the shade 'Idol' It looks like a gloss with quite a lot of pigment but actually it goes on quite clear with a very very slight tint. I didn't include a swatch because you can't actually see anything.
It feels more like a balm than a gloss which I guess is good as there is non of the stickiness.
£2 is a fair price for this gloss but then again I wouldn't pay any more. At a pinch it's worth a place in your bag even if it's a last resort lip balm.

Sam x

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